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Happy Earth Day- 7 Favorite Water Wise plants & a Giveaway

Happy Earth Day everyone.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and we are starting the week off with a post that is all about celebrating Earth Day & something fun for you.  (giveaway!)

Many of you know that I live in  California. I was born and raised here and it seems we were always
celebrating Earth Day every year here in California when I didn't realize it.
Seems we have always been crazy about earth friendly / green living as far back as I can remember. From recycling, solar power, turning lights off, using fabric bags at the market, refillable bottles, pack it in- pack it out when hiking, etc. I was raised to be more environmentally aware if you will- and one thing that we are always big on here is being water wise.
I grew up knowing super long showers were a No, not to leave the faucet running while doing dishes or run the sprinklers for more than a short amount of time.
 I grew up in a household that was very mindful of water use- partly just my parents upbringing I suppose- but also because there have been some years we have had water restrictions due to California not getting enough rain and being so dry.   Which definitely has affected gardens and growing seasons.

We have about over 20 window boxes and hanging plants that we usually put on our house every spring- and they require watering twice a day sometimes. We have filled them with sedum and other water wise plants or not planted at all some years.

Though, happy to say that California has had a TON Of rain this year so far. There also have been  lots of days where the sun did not peek out so far (hence my garden and blooms are quite far behind this year so far)  But even with the reservoirs full and the snow melt runoff yet to come- I know it won't be too long before we are watching water use again.

Side note: Remember when we planted those cute little wildflower seeds in the greenhouse garden area? They were SO great. They bloomed like crazy and it looked like a little field of pretty leading to the greenhouse.

Well, the next year, we tossed more out thinking they would do the same. And it was mostly a field of GRASSES.  Which, was cute at first. Then as it grew tall and dried out- not so much. So this year- the greenhouse garden was on the re-do list.

And when planning, we were really focused on water wise plants. I feel like we have so many water wise plants in the yard now - and really, aside from them doing good for our planet- they are beautiful. So today- in Celebration of Earth Day with my friends Greenworks Tools  who are all about being Earth friendly with their battery powered tools- and these friends:

We are taking the Greenworks Generation pledge.  (click over to join in!) 
and today I am sharing a few of my favorite cottage garden plants for creating a beautiful water wise garden.


I may have a slight obsession with Lavender.
The scent, the silver foliage and those purple blooms dancing.
This year in the greenhouse garden area- we planted several rows of lavender.

Not only does lavender look incredible- it doesn't require much water. It thrives on heat and sunshine and it brings in the honey bees - which helps pollinate other plants and keep them happy too.

We varied larger 3 gallon plants which are more established with some smaller 1 gallon plants to fill in the area.

Lambs Ear

Another favorite that we first planted when we moved into our home years ago- Lambs Ear.
This gorgeous perennial has the softest sage color and the softest feel if you touch it- just like a furry little lamb.

It also doesn't require a ton of water to look absolutely incredible. We plant these along the edges of the paths and under other plants like lavender, rosemary and roses.


Another beautiful silvery sage and purple plant. Are you sensing a theme here? :)

Catmint is another beautiful bloomer. It is a plant that we discovered when we shopped the small local garden centers and I fell in love with it- another great plant for mounding along the edges of paths and under larger foundation plants. This perennial will cut back in winter- but it is a fast grower once that sunshine comes out.


Just like lavender - we have a ton of boxwood.
They are wonderful foundation plants and look super charming in groupings. AND they are water wise.

This is the other side of the greenhouse garden area which has quite a few plants already established from last year- that we are cleaning up and trimming- and filling in some of the holes


You might remember the foxgloves we planted here last year- they are every other year bloomers- so this year while some have seeded and are popping up- they won't be back to full bloom until next spring. To offset that- you can plant Foxgloves every year to fill in- which we will be doing shortly.
Foxgloves are another water wise plant- though - they are poisonous - so if you have small children or pets that like to nibble on your garden plants- I would avoid. A side note on that- the deer will not eat them either.

Creating a garden that looks good every year without doing much is a process folks.


And notice those wisteria all green and pretty? This year they have barely gotten any green on them yet. We are several months behind this year with the new leaves and blooms popping out.  The other photo was from around the first or second week of May last year... and this is the wisteria currently. Incidentally- wisteria is a water wise plant. They don't need a ton of water but love the sunshine.


And always on repeat are the white roses.

Seasonal Blooms 

Of course along with the foundation plants- we always love to include a few beautiful blooms-
for spring color this year- we added a few Freesia

Not only do they look beautiful- they smell incredible. They do need a little more water than the other listed- but mostly just the soil needs to be moist.  An alternative way to enjoy them is to put them into little clay pots on the windowsill- the scent is incredible.

And something exciting to help celebrate Earth Day and encourage going green- Greenworks Tools is big on the environment and green living. They have tools that not only do an incredible job- they are also battery powered to help with pollution. And to encourage more people to think about the environment and going green- they have created a community FB page where you can join and share ideas.

AND they are doing another Amazing Giveaway to celebrate Earth Day and taking the Green Pledge.

To enter, simply take the Greenworks Green  pledge
Click over to the Greenworks tools facebook page, and join the community- and just by joining the group you will be entered to win. 

For more chances:  Simply tag @ a friend in the Greenworks Facebook post.  Every friend you tag is another entry for you. So the more you tag- the more chances you get to win as well.
 Winners chosen on Friday, April 26 at 3 pm EST.   You can continue to tag people for entries until the contest closes.
Don't miss checking out  Greenworks tools  at your local Lowes- we are loving our tools and love that there is no mixing gas or anything else- just pop the battery in and go. 
What about you? Do you have a favorite cottage garden water wise plant to share? What is your favorite tip for green living?

Disclosure- I partnered with my friends at Greenworks Tools - but all opinions, green living and water wise plants love are my own.


  1. Bonsoir chère amie,

    Je suis heureuse d'apercevoir vos belles photos avec la lavande papillon. En ce moment chez moi à Saint-Tropez dans la campagne autour la lavande papillon est en fleur. Elle pousse à l'état sauvage dans la garrigue.
    Vous avez raison de faire attention à l'eau...
    Très jolie publication.

    Gros bisous

  2. Hi! I would enter Rosemary on the list for beautiful water wise plants.
    Joan H.

  3. I would love sitting in your backyard! It looks like a lot of purple and white and maybe(?) pink? It must be beautiful. I'm planning on planting some lavender this year for the first time. Hope it will do well here in IA.

  4. Thanks for the list of water wise plants!

  5. Love your ideas! Your garden is beautiful!