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Getting the garden ready for entertaining the easy way & GIVEAWAY

The garden by the greenhouse is growing in quite lush and beautiful with all that rain that we have been having here in northern California.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Greenworks- all opinions are my own.

It has been so rainy and so many days without that warm California sunshine popping out to say hello so late in the year that it is crazy. 

It is definitely an unseasonably cool and wet spring- 
some folks are kind of starting to joke it's like we are living in Seattle...
but hey- when the garden is this green beautiful? 
Those rainy days are worth it.

Along with those gray skies and rainy days-
 the plants have been growing and growing like weeds.
And those weeds? 
Well, they have been growing like weeds too. 

Our lambs ear and catmint have probably tripled in size since we were out of town.
They are Happy plants. And that wisteria has finally leafed out and grown in nicely.
And... Overgrown pathways in the garden are a definite thing.
Yes, I kind of love them.

 But overgrown pathways of long grass that definitely does not belong in the flower beds? 
Not my favorite. 
That green looks pretty right now- but will dry out and look like straw before long. And when we have a get together on the calendar coming up-  I wanted to get the garden in shape quickly.
So it was time to trim that overgrowth back and tidy things up.

So in between the rain the other day,  I tackled tidying up the path edges. 
 I am all about quick and easy- so just grabbed a couple of my favorites to help get the job done.

My Greenworks trimmer and blower.

The trimmer worked in just a few minutes to give that grass a haircut.

I love that it is easy to maneuver- which means those Sweet Peas that are growing in
are left just like they were- while the tall grass was trimmed.

And then those grass bits...
Raking is an option- though small grass bits and wet leaves tend to 
zoom right through the rake we have-
so I grabbed the blower.

Here is a quick snippet of bit of both of these tools in action.

 I love that both of these tools are
 powered by rechargeable batteries just like the lawn mower we have. 
And that all three tools can use the same 60 volt battery which makes it 
easy to switch from one to the other-
 and not have 27 different battery charging packs in the house.

As you can see, I left the sweet peas that were overflowing across the path- 
because they are some of my favorites in rambling away in the yard and
 they will be blooming very soon.  
And just placed the little bistro table back on the path- perfect for a bit of a morning snack.

I am excited that Greenworks also wants to help some of you to get your yard ready for summer too.

Greenworks is giving away (3) $300 Gift Cards to Lowe's.

Cue happy dance!!!
And it is so easy to enter to win. 
All you have to do is 

Simply  Follow Greenworks on Instagram (@greenworkstools
and 'Like' their Giveaway post.


You can gain extra entries by tagging other people in the comment section- 
more entries for you for Each Person you tag in the comments.

That is it!
And don't forget to stop by your local Lowe's Home Improvement and 
check out all the amazing tools that Greenworks has to offer.  
It is a perfect time to pick a few up to help get your yard ready for Memorial Day get togethers and
summer entertaining.


  1. Great advice because it works great that way, you can even use it for weeds that pop up in between paving, my husband did that the other day and it was so quick to do!

  2. That is wonderful tips! I do like your garden area, really lush. Our green is really pretty this year also, lots of rain! Have a great evening.

  3. Definitely going to enter. We are working on our backyard and I love all of your inspiration!

  4. I thought that the crazy spring was only with us in Europe, I live in Sicily where the climate is similar to that of California and this year it rained and became cold both in April and in May, it seems that we are in autumn. Congratulations on the blog.