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Weekend View

Happy Weekend everyone.

A week full of busy work here at the house means the weekend view is kind of random. So just a few musings and observations this weekend- like a workout obsession and a guest bedroom refresh plan.


I have been a big fan of kickboxing and boxing workouts for years- and I used to do them all the time I switched more to running over the past 10 years - just something about my feet hitting the ground that gave me the right workout bliss. But with that ankle injury last fall- I had to find something that was less jarring to be able to let it heal. It has healed well and I am back hitting the trail again- but not all the time. So, I mixing it up and adding a few things in each week- and went back to a couple things that I used to love doing growing up- dance and kickboxing.
Of course, dance can be tricky- I find some of those routines that are staples can get a bit wild on the ankle- so I take it easy. And with kickboxing- I am using the air not a bag folks. No reason to slam my foot against something heavy. haha.
But, what I do love about boxing and kickboxing- I love the change in the muscles you use from running and dance- and so, the past week has become my everyday addiction when streaming my workout.  And is a great way to be able to eat your cake and enjoy it without thinking about it landing on your hips. :)

Fun fact side note: My brother holds a title for champion in kickboxing from as well. Apparently we come from a family that likes to kick things. haha.

Guest Bedroom Planning

This, that and everything all over the place while painting the ceilings... and it is not fun to live in the project- but it is fun to get them done and see how much a can (or 5) of paint makes a difference.

This snap is from my book- and we are wrapping up some of the painting inside the house this weekend and moving on out to the guest cottage. We have a family reunion here in July- and some guests coming to stay with us. So that means, a refresh is perfect timing.
This bed isn't going anywhere- but some of the other things are. I will share the updated space when we are done and let you know what the method to my refresh madness is.

Empty Nesters

My husband pointed out that we are empty nesters yesterday. I was like- this is not news. We have been empty nesters for awhile now... but apparently now that we are tackling the kids bedrooms in the house with a few updates- he was thinking about it.  Which then got me thinking about it and feeling all nostalgic about these big grown up babies.

We my husband and I met- we were so young and have been married for almost 30 years and raising our family most of that time. Now they are all grown up and moved out and sometimes we think... what in the world. How did that happen so incredibly quickly?

Birthday Boy

In that same thread- we celebrated my middle baby and his 24th birthday last week.

His 1st birthday-  loving that cupcake.

We conspired with his girlfriend to surprise him at a restaurant for dinner- he had no idea we were planning it. And we asked the waiter ahead of time about singing to him.

Which they were thrilled to do as they brought a little Birthday treat out for him.
He was not thrilled they did that. haha-  but we all loved it. :)

This week is the 4th of July already.  And I am not sure how we zoomed ahead to July when it was just March but whatever... lol...So coming your way-

A few 20 minute decorating ideas for the 4th- including the simplest decor and the tastiest dessert.
Packing list for Europe
That incredible farmhouse in the middle of a vineyard that we just stayed in
and where we are off to next.

And party planning... once the dust clears from the mess we are making with all the painting- I will share a bit about the plans for the reunion.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. Wow! Is that you in that pic? How old were you when you got married? You are so beautiful You look like Sharon Tate

    1. That is my daughter - and yes I agree- she is beautiful :)

  2. I would love to have the recipe for your beautiful cake.

  3. Recipe for the beautiful cake?? Or just for looks, and I guess we can figure out how to duplicate...??? Makes me want to go to the berry patch right now, and make it tomorrow!!! Thanks, as always for your inspiration. Love your blog.

    1. I will get a post ready to share- thank you!

  4. I just discovered the French Country Cottage book and your blog. Absolutely love both!! Scouring shops in New Orleans to refresh my home with this beautiful look.
    Thanks for sharing!