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Ideas for decorating your porch for autumn

Simple and charming on the porch for autumn is always a good thing.

I am all about simple.
Especially with autumn. I know I have said it before- but complicated, busy and too much is just that sometimes... too much.

Today I am sharing a glimpse at a couple ideas for decorating a porch for autumn
and stay tuned for an in depth look at each of them -including a quick change and porch styled 3 ways soon.

Up first- bold and beautiful maple trees.

I am pretty much obsessed with these trees right now
and I have been tucking them in several spots. 

Though I don't normally use a lot of color in my autumn decor- these are the perfect shade of warm color for a little pop by the covered porch areas or in the house in the corner of a room or flanking a fireplace.
Paired with white and gray pumpkins and a bold wreath- it is perfect.

A simple chair with pumpkins

A chair with pumpkins on the porch is a simple easy way to add a bit of autumn cheer.
This is a vintage chair but you can use any wooden chair that you would like.

A Soft and Subtle Wreath and garland

A different look than the bold and beautiful trees- soft and subtle works just as well.
This is the same wreath and garland I shared recently- 
and I love it on the front door of the barn as well.

And one of my favorites- that bold wreath on a chair with pumpkins for just a bit of charm.
Wreaths are not just for doors- and I will be sharing several ways to use an autumn wreath-
and nope, not on a door- in a post next week. 

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  1. Beautiful!!! This looks stunning!

  2. Love all these so much Courtney!! Those trees are fabulous, and I especially love that soft and subtle wreath. Right up my alley ;)

    Happy fall my friend!


  3. No one does this as well as you do Courtney...xo

  4. Oh so beautiful! The table inside your barn...Is that a piece from Eloquence? Love it!