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Simple & Natural autumn & velvet linens

Simple everyday elegance is one of my favorite things.
And when it comes to tables and entertaining- it is all about natural, easy and elegant.

With centerpieces- I always think simple is best.
I mean, don't get me wrong- I have been known to be over the top for sure.
But there is something about autumn centerpieces that seem to say simple to me.

Like a simple bucket of gathered and store bought blooms- easy and charming and it doesn't need much else.

Remember that bucket of blooms from the kitchen?
Well, it was also a perfect table centerpiece for a table I worked on a few weeks ago.
A simple little table  for 4 with just a few elements.
A stack of pretty dishes & gold glasses 
Acorns gathered from the yard
drippy gray candles on vintage candlesticks
and velvet napkins.

I am kind of crushing on simple place settings right now- and these went right into the cart when I found them at West Elm - I love their tabletop.
These are blush and a bit on the wonky side which makes them perfect in my opinion.

I am always asked about the candles- these are just from Amazon. 
Nothing special -
but they always seem to drip nicely.

The acorns are a simple, natural centerpiece that can cost nothing 
if you have an oak tree in your yard.
We have several old growth oaks that put out a ton of acorns every year- I gather up enough to enjoy
in stylings and leave the rest for the squirrels to gather for the winter.

And can we talk about those napkins?
I am obsessed.
And it took me a bit of time to find velvet linens that had the right look, that weren't crushed velvet and that had a detailed edging that was sewn over rather than just clipped.
And I am pretty obsessed so you will be seeing quite a bit of them all season long
I might have spent a couple days dreaming away in an apple orchard while shooting 
a few photos of them too.

Seriously so beautiful- and I was so inspired by the color of the apples all around.
More coming your way soon... like this this table... 

in my shop today.
and don't miss the beautiful posts my friends are sharing this week as well! 

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  1. It's always such a joy clicking on your blog posts. While you are a master stylist and photographer, I especially love the way you work with light and candles. It's honestly pure magic. Beautiful!!

    xo Michael

  2. Oh how absolutely dreamy - you sure can style and photograph, lady!

    As for Everything Bundt Cakes - you know all three of my nieces worked or work in our local shop. MMMMMM - probably a good thing 2 of the 3 went back to college. My nieces get to take home stale cakes sometimes and they always seem to remember their auntie. Those cakes are AMAZING - and I love the way you made yours extra gorgeous.

  3. I don’t know how you achieve the dripping with your candles. I have tried and just can’t quite get there! Beautiful.

  4. This is a stunner my friend! and those velvet napkins?! I'm in LOVE!!


  5. I also want drippy candles. There are so many companies that make dripless candles. The link you posted are for taupe dripless candles. Can you post again the exact candle?

  6. The Velvet napkins!! Your shop is sold out. Will you get more??

  7. Love how elegant looking this is! The drippy candles are the perfect addition.