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20 minute autumn decorating ideas

Simple. Easy. Done.
In 20 minutes?

That is my kind of decorating.
Especially during the busy fall and holiday season.
Today it is all about just that- decorating for the season in just 20 minutes.

I cannot believe it is ALREADY October 1st.... seriously WHERE did the month of September go? Or the entire summer for that matter? That is one of the reasons why simple, easy and quick decorating is my thing right now. When I say I am like the Tasmanian Devil spinning circles while I work- tis the truth. And so- 20 minutes and done completely fits me.

10 EASY ways that you can decorate in just 20 minutes-

1. Add a wreath


2. Turn on the twinkle trees

These are from Balsam Hill- and they stay up year round over here.

3. Grapevine Pumpkins

If you don't have real pumpkins- pull out the grapevine variety. They have a charm all their own.

4. Stack up breadboards with your pumpkins

5. A bowl of pumpkins- or a wheelbarrow full

6.  A chair full of pumpkins

Because- I pretty much think you can put anything like flowers or pumpkins on a chair and they look good. :)

7. Stacked on the steps

8. Wheat on the table

9. Dried Flowers

Or wheat in a vase-a simple and easy seasonal touch.

10. Buckets of trees

This is a fun one...simple and easy to do. And more coming your way tomorrow about this.

And don't miss what my friends are sharing today either-

Happy Tuesday and October all.

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  1. Always so gorgeous your new barn and all of your beautiful things!

    1. Charmingly elegant fall decor ! I so love this !

  2. Your site always puts a smile on my face and beautiful ideas... 😊💗

  3. I like simple things scattered about it seems to bring the season together. The rest of your furnishings still shine through and not over powered by massive decor.

  4. I really like the wheat wreath, is that from Balsam Hill?