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Q&A - What is French Country Style?

A question that I get asked all.the.time. 


What exactly is French Country Style?

Is it chippy furniture,  loads of patterns in a room, lots of antique furniture and old paintings, bold colors or all soft and sweet... or all of that or none of that? 

It is maybe not technically a specific 'this is it and that is all there is to it' kind of a thing. 

For me, French Country Style is mostly a feeling in a room.  It is the way that things mix and mingle. The old with the new. The bold with the soft. The elegance with the rustic. And yes, the patterns and paintings and colors that all bring that sense of personality.

But there is of course much more to that - and it is open to interpretation and personal style twists. 
Even so, there are a few tips and details that can definitely help you to find the 'french country style' that is right for you. 

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Happy Thursday all.


  1. Love your blog. One blog that you wrote was where you purchased your copper pots and pans and I cannot find it! Do you mind sharing it again? Thank you!

  2. Country French has always appealed to me, too. The charm of the homey yet elegant appeal of the rounded edges & decorative touches of furniture. Surprising luxurious touches like chandeliers, gilded mirrors, copper pots and craft accessories, soft colors, fresh flowers (or great silk ones), that lived in, loved look that invites you in. You're home.