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Tips for creating the Easiest Gathered Goodness bouquet

When it comes to tables & inspired settings-
I like to think in layers.
Starting with the setting and ending with the details
and of course, the nibbles.

I always think of each element as part of the whole table 
and also holding a place all by itself on the table.
So, while the dishes and stemware are part of the overall place setting- 
they do stand alone to bring details to the table.

And the same goes for the centerpiece.
With a mix of fresh fruits and vegetables and flowers
you can create a most gorgeous seasonal arrangement- 
just by shopping your garden 
and kitchen.

This arrangement started with a few sprigs gathered up from the back 40.
Here are the elements I used to create this:

Dried Ferns
Oak Leaf
Plum Tree Branches
White Roses

Those dried out ferns might look a bit like just dried out ferns in the yard- but in the bouquet
they add a seasonal warmth.

I also found a fallen branch from the oak tree that had a few oak leaves attached.
And so, into the container it went.

I also clipped a handful of small branches from a plum tree - for a burst of that red color.
Those gathered elements mixed and mingled with white roses & eucalyptus that were already in the house- and then I added a few sprigs of millet from a dried arrangement
and that pop of sunny yellow with dried craspedia
and a couple sprigs of orange mums clipped from the pots on the front porch.

While I know that not everyone will have these same elements in their yard-
 my best tip is to just go outside and start wandering.
Start looking at the grasses, greens, flowers, trees, etc
in a different way and see what speaks to you or what  has the colors or textures you are looking for
There are many colors and shades of the season- sometimes they are right under our noses but we see them as just dried grass or ferns- when together they become a beautiful seasonal mingle.

And keep it simple. You don't need 6 elements in an arrangement. 
 Oftentimes we think we need something much more expensive or involved- when really- a couple branches with colorful leaves will be just as impactful on the table.

Grab some seasonal fruit from the kitchen.
Figs, rosy toned apples, brown pears, grapefruit, peaches- they are all beautiful to incorporate on the table- and they will also be extra nibbles for guests to enjoy.

Happy autumn entertaining all.

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