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Christmas Kitchen Peek

It is that time of year...

When everything is sprinkled with a bit of Christmas magic.
Including the kitchen.

Though I have to be honest... I am running behind on a few things over here with Christmas. Mainly waiting on fresh greens for the kitchen - it didn't arrive in time to get this post done. 
Which means- a peek is it today & a look at Christmas past.

Thanks so much to my friend Kristen for hosting our  Holiday blog series- one of my favorites every year! 

One of my favorite things about Christmas? 
The twinkles.

Whether on a tree, a mantel or on a little tree in a little pot in the kitchen. 

This is a wee  (3' tall) Sanibel Spruce from Balsam Hill. 

You might remember seeing this tree in a full tree size before- it is such a gorgeous sage green color that absolutely glows when lit.

I love the simple look and charm it has.  Currently it is just wearing a bit of citrus for decor-so easy to decorate with and you can add a few or a cover the tree and it is beautiful.
Seriously in love with the citrus touches this year- and you will be seeing more
 of them popping up soon.

A vintage copper mold filled with persimmons echo's the warmth of the citrus. 

It is a simple, yet sweet and very little sprinkle of holiday cheer in here for now- and this cute tree is already on the move somewhere else  so stay tuned for how the kitchen
 looks when it is wrapped up soon.

Something fun this season- 
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Don't miss any of these gorgeous posts that my friends are sharing this week- always in awe of their beautiful posts! 


  1. I love the citrus tree!!!!!!!!

  2. I absolutely adore this little tree!!!

  3. Came here from Thistlekeeping and oh my the beautiful lights! I'm craving them so much but have not even started. Am saving this to visit your friends during my afternoon toes up rest. That copper mixer!

  4. I just adore this little tree and the orange slices as ornaments - so sweet Courtney!

    Happy holidays my friend!


  5. I can't believe how wonderful it looks!!!