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Tips for a beautiful & delicious berry topped cake

Love a delicious  cake all.the.time. but during the holidays 
they can be that much more special. 

A few more layers, maybe a extra chocolate chips and fresh berries.
And... an extra dusting of powdered sugar.

Today I am talking delicious and beautiful fruit topped cakes that are perfect for the holidays 
& that might help to satisfy that chocoholic sweet tooth.

This cake. 
It is so good. 
The whole time that I was photographing this- I had to stop myself from grabbing a nibble. 
It smelled absolutely delicious.

And...a secret.
 This is partly a bakery cake that I customized.
I was putting together a last minute get together before heading out of town and 
 I wanted a taller cake than I could find in a pinch.
The bottom cake is a fresh bakery cake- 
that I scraped the top of the frosting off of and
 three smaller top layers of chocolate cake,
berries and loads of powdered sugar...

Which just proves two things. 
I am a little crazy. haha.
And that you CAN take a basic cake - scrape off the frosting 
and customize it anyway you like.

If you are starting from scratch at home-
 this is an amazing recipe for chocolate cake- 
and I would  just double or triple the ingredients based on how many layers you would like.

I have been known to create tall cakes, short cakes, chunky cakes - you name it kind of cakes
and use fresh berries as garnish.
For this cake - it is raspberries and blueberries- with a couple of strawberries -but you can use whatever you like.
I started with layering each cake layer with a generous amount of frosting
and stacked another, and repeat. 
I roll them in a mix of powdered sugar & crystal sugar for an icy effect- but you can leave them as is like this cake I made for including in my book.

This one has 5 layers of homemade chocolate cake topped with
 fresh sliced figs & blueberries with rosemary.

And this is another one from my book and is one of my favorite favorites to make for guests.
just has simple fresh berries and barely any frosting for a light summer treat.

Since this is a 'wintery'  cake- I do love the sugar dusted look- 

but you can't go wrong
however you decide to include your berries-your guests will love this
 beautiful and delicious treat.
And side note...
 this is the cake that fell off the chair as I photographed it just.before setting out.
So I ended up going to the next plan at the last minute for the party.

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happy creating and baking all.

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  1. wow...that looks amazingly delicious Courtney...xo

  2. Very clever!!!! Love the deconstructed look!

  3. This is STUNNING! What a beautiful cake! I'm sure it's delicious too!!

    xo Michael