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15 Simple winter decorating Ideas

Simple winter decorating

After Christmas and the busy in the house- so many of use feel like we just want simple.
Quiet. Less is more type feeling in our rooms.

So complicated redesigns and adding 'more' to a room isn't usually what first comes to mind.
But at the same time- those winter rooms can feel absolutely stark and cold sometimes.
I am working on a post all about bringing nature in for winter- but today it is all about simple tips 
using things you might already have on hand 
that you can gather from around the house 
and use to create a touch of winter warmth in your rooms.

15 Simple Winter Decorating Ideas 

Fresh flowers

Always a go to favorite way to warm up any room- fresh flowers.
Big or small- simple or with greens - all work.


Load up on candles of all sizes for a whole lot of winter cozy.

Chunky knit throws

Chunky knits are not only favorites for adding that warm look- they are also favorites for adding texture. 

Throw pillows

Any color or style you like is a perfect way to bring in a bit of a fresh and warm look.

Natural Woods

A favorite way to warm up any room is to add a touch of nature. Whether it is a wood stool, chunky slice of wood for holding candles on the table or even a stack of wood waiting for the fire- yes that is a perfect way to use that utilitarian stack as decor. 

Peonies- fresh or faux

This is a Christmas mantel- but would just as easily transition to winter by removing the stockings.
Those fresh or faux peonies are a perfect touch for the fresh greens

Twinkle lights in the firebox

 Even if your firebox is faux- you can add that warm glow to it with twinkle lights. 
They come in battery operated or plug in -and are a perfect touch. 

Pinecones- Fresh

That pinecone wreath I put up for Christmas- is actually perfect for winter.
I love the natural color and texture for adding warmth.

Refresh the mantel decor

A new bouquet, candlesticks or a wintery branch wreath are all perfect for warming up the mantel.


I love to use lanterns outside the house and inside the house.
They add a simple charm that helps blend the seasons and spaces. 

Pinecones - frosty

Perfect for on the mantel- grab some of those Christmas pinecone picks and use them to create a simple monochromatic look.

Dried Greens Wreath

This is a simple eucalyptus wreath that was for Christmas but that was dried and saved to use through the winter. 

Leftover garland after Christmas easily becomes winter garland with a few additions.

Add warmth in unexpected places

Candles and fresh flowers in places like the bathrooms or small common areas
can help them to feel more put together and welcoming.

Stack your cutting boards

It is such a simple thing- but it absolutely warms up the kitchen instantly.
Stack up those bread boards. Simply layer large to small and all different shapes and sizes.
It is instant warmth and charm 

Stay tuned for a round up on Natural winter decorating ideas coming soon.

Happy Monday all.


  1. Super ideas, and I'm looking forward to reading your post about natural winter decorating ideas. Happy New Year, Courtney!

  2. Lovely ideas. The house does seem ‘lonely’ after decorations are put away. But personally I kind of like it. The house seems peaceful and quiet after all the hubbub.

  3. Beautiful and simple ideas. Thank you for your inspiration!

  4. I am so obsessed with your island!! Please email me if you can where you purchased it thank you so much! I'm totally creeping to find it on here listed! Thank you!! xx Lotta