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Get the Look - Autumn Ambiance

Sharing a few seasonal ideas and where to find the pieces I use all wrapped up into one page
to make it easier to find everything. 
I will update and add as I share more.

Favorites  for autumn ambiance 

tucked into the grove under the apple tree create a warm autumn glow
Find the post HERE

The perfect little  copper fire pit 
for cozy nights and s'mores.

for a soft glow and flicker- and safe to use everywhere.

My favorites- I use them EVERYWHERE outside. They are LED which makes them inexpensive to have on all the time- and they have a beautiful warm glow.

This twig and branch inspired wreath is the perfect mix of bold and simple. One of my favorites for adding that warm autumn glow.

Autumn Medley wreath and garland
And the Autumn Medley foliage is seriously stunning.
I have recently added the wreath and will be sharing more very soon.

An easy way to incorporate a bit more of a natural look and feeling
and to start decorating before those real pumpkins are available.

Another favorite- I use these inside the house and outside the house.
They are an LED light that flickers like a candle. 

Because- dried flowers are as beautiful as fresh - especially for autumn. If you don't have these gorgeous hydrangeas in your yard- you can find beautiful faux and create the look.

Perfect for table settings and for vases.

These are some of the best I have found- and perfect for so many stylings.

I always get so many questions about where to find these lanterns. 
They were discontinued awhile back- but these are very similar.

Vintage Reproduction Wood Crates 

A favorite for all year long- filling a crate with seasonal bits like pumpkins,
ornaments or flowers is perfect on the coffee table or as a centerpiece.

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  1. Love all the ideas and sources. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Love all your Autumn/Fall décor...taking a little here and a little there makes for a huge and powerful statement! Thanks Courtney!

  3. In Central Texas we have different kinds of outside plants than you have there but, there is beauty in every thing. Your showing of suggestions have given me some nice ideas that I can put together. You are very thoughtful. thank you.