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7 ideas for inspired autumn ambiance on the patio

Twinkle twinkle and lots of heirloom pumpkins...
with a blush and copper twist.

It is kind of feeling a little Cinderella like out on the patio
and I am loving it.

 Sometimes you just need a little bit of twinkle out under the stars.

The patio isn't always the first place you think of for adding autumn- or holiday touches
but it is always a fun spot to play a bit and create a fun seasonal styling. And today I am sharing a few tips for creating a bit of drama and an inspired spot on the patio.

#1. Textures

Add textures.
Like baskets full of hydrangeas & eucalyptus
chunky knits and nubby woven pillows

#2. Twinkle light ambiance 

Play up the charm with twinkle lights, candles and shimmering trees
for adding that moody drama and charm. 

#3. A touch of softness 

Just because autumn is full or rich vibrant colors - 
doesn't mean you can't incorporate your signature  look and style. 
For me - that means adding a touch of softness with blush pillows, heirloom pumpkins in muted tones and flowers on the side table.

#4. Bring a little bit of copper shimmer 

I am a big copper girl- and so why not enjoy copper indoors and outdoors?
Copper tumblers for beverages - and a copper fire pit bring a warm rich autumn feeling to an otherwise mostly neutral setting.

#5. Cozy seating

Play up the cozy with a traditional classic seating group
and then add your own signature style with throw pillows and throws.

#6. Bring on the Pumpkins

And wheat, dried hydrangeas, apples, colorful leaves and anything else that says
 'Welcome autumn' to add a seasonal touch. 
It is hot here in California yet 
so those leaves aren't changing too much (theres a secret to that bold color you see here)
and we are enjoying evenings out under the stars each night.


This little spot to retreat to

It is made of beautiful teak wood and so heavy- and classic in slatted style.
I love that it will weather to a perfect gray as well.

I should note- 
I didn't use the included chunky white cushions or the coffee table for this styling.
Instead, I just pulled out the blush pillows and layered on the cozy with chunky throws.

And added a copper fire pit for a bit of ambiance.

The rattan baskets were perfect for tucking some seasonal florals and greens into
and love that they come in 3 sizes for layering levels.

And the secret to that autumn color and twinkle in the background
when it is HOT HOT HOT here in California yet
and the leaves are nowhere near a bold and beautiful autumn color?

tucked into the grove under the apple tree.

These are perfect for adding a warm backdrop and bit of twinkle and color where you might not have any. I am seriously loving the warmth they add to this space.

#7. Layers 

Basically, when decorating any space- indoors or outdoors- think of the space in layers or slices.
Each one adds something to the overall.
The baskets, the chunky knits and pillows bring the texture.
The candles and twinkle lights and trees bring a bit of drama and create the backdrop 
and the front fire and seating area decorated with pumpkins and blooms
completes the picture

What do you think of how this area turned out?
Happy autumn decorating everyone.

* I am Balsam Hill's blogger -but all opinions and stylings are my own.


  1. You have magical ideas. That's what makes you who you are. It all looks so romantic and beautiful. I love the summer nights, especially with the fire light. Those summer nights will soon end. However, in the southern states, with a warm blanket the evenings outside continue to be enjoyable. I like your magical ideas.

  2. Our summer nights have most definitely turned into fall evenings here, once the sun goes down, it's a jacket, comfy throw night! We love the fall, sit back and see all the glorious colors come to life. Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas, so romantic and cozy! Enjoy your day...Jody

  3. Looks very nice for an evening outside. The lit up maple tree is a great product.

  4. Heirloom pumpkins,hydrangea, and copper are beautiful decorating that patio. And of course twinkle lights add the magic.

  5. Stunning Courtney, as always you did an amazing styling job.