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'Twas the nightmare before Christmas...

When all through the house...
not a creature was stirring...

except maybe a special mouse!

I have been otherwise occupied this week
spending time finding my inner child
at The Happiest Place on Earth

Our family loves Disneyland
and it is one of our favorite vacation spots to go.
We are lucky to live close enough to drive there
and enjoy a little Disney Magic for a few days here and there.
The kids love the rides and fun and
I love the ambiance, the characters
and the whimsy of Disneyland

Of course sitting by the pool and relaxing in the spa
is pretty high on the list too!

I go on some of the crazy rides with the kids
(and some of the really crazy ones I avoid)
but in between the rides and the fun
I wander around
do some people watching
and enjoy all the Disney magic, ambiance and charm.

During the Holidays is my favorite time to visit Mickey.

The Haunted Mansion is decorated by Jack Skellington
(The Nightmare before Christmas)
It's a Small World is covered with gorgeous Christmas lights inside and out
and they both have a completely different theme for the rides.

Disneyland decks all their halls in a HUGE way for the holidays
and it is absolutely gorgeous and inspiring.

New Orleans square is my favorite little spot
I love to gather up all the beautiful decoration ideas
and inspirations for decorating.

This statue was amazing-
set up high on a balcony
it was just beautiful.

Love how the garland and wreaths everywhere
are garnished with oversized colorful ornaments.

Of course you have to have some beads thrown in
for Mardi Gras too.

The blue, green and purple scheme- love.

The garland and ornaments light up in the evening.

To top it off,
The Holiday fireworks and 'snow ' falling on Main Street always inspires.
The bubbles/soap that they blow through the air
to make it look like it's snowing is definitely my kind of snow.
It's not cold and all gone in a few minutes!

Off to get a little decorating done!!!

Happy Sunday Everyone!


  1. Ah! We live in Florida and have gone to the Holiday event here at WDW. It's wonderful...the hot cocoa and those darn cookies are amazing!!

    Two summers ago we were out in Cali and visited Disneyland for two of the days. What an wonderful is all so old school and authentic. WDW has a tendancy toward the newish kinda looking buildings.

    Then.... (drum roll) we were in Paris as a family this summer and went to Disneyland Paris!!! Yeah! Fun.... I recommend it! ;)

    Loved your picks. The decorations look completely amazing! :)

  2. Wow! Talk about your eye candy! These pics are fantastic. Wish I could be there too. The New Orleans decorations are my favorite. Great post.

  3. Wow, you took some great pictures! I was just there last week. Bummer we missed each other, lol!

    It looks like you had a fabulous time!


  4. Such beautiful pictures! Disney does everything right. I've never visited at Christmas, it looks amazing!

  5. Beautiful pictures. I live near New Orleans so I love seeing pics of the French Quarter decorated so pretty (even if it is a reproduction, lol). Lots of great ideas, thanks for posting...

  6. You lucky girl, wish I lived that close to Disney! It is indeed beautifully done for Xmas.

    Looking forward to your Christmas decor, I am knee deep in Christmas boxes getting my stuff organized to put up. Diane

  7. I purchased the DVD of Haunted Mansion and watched it over and over and over again just to study the set! LOL!
    Inspiration can be found anywhere...


  8. Not having been to Disneyland since I was a child, I didn't realize they decked the halls like this! Gorgeous! What a lot of great ideas and inspiration! I can see why you enjoy going at this time of year!


  9. Disneyland is indeed a happy time. I've been there many times, but never during holiday time. The decorations are awesome. But, we all know, Disney does everything first class!

  10. I wouldn't normally think of Disneyland as a place to find holiday decorating ideas, but your photos show me otherwise!

  11. Totally jealous! I haven't been to Disneyland since I was a little girl... we're hoping to go this year. Thanks for sharing :)

  12. Thanks so much for sharing. I grew up in Southern California and we had lots of trips to D~land. It was such a treat to get a little fix looking at all your pictures. Have a wonderful trip and travel safely =)

  13. LOVE these pictures!!! We only live an hour away from Disneyland, so now you have inspired us to take a trip there for the holidays too!!! I love how it is always so decked out there for the season!!! :)


  14. I love Disneyland, too! I've never seen it all decked out for Christmas before... so pretty! Glad you had a fun time!

  15. Nobody does Christmas like Disney. We love it,too. We go to Disney World in FL rather than Disneyland though. It always puts a smile on my face to see the kids having so much fun! xo Diana

  16. We love going to Disneyland too! It's a big deal for us to get there though...13 hours on a plane!

    I so wish I could go back! Thanks for taking me on this wonderful virtual trip.

    Best wishes,

  17. Disney is already so magical, it looks even prettier for the holidays. The snow bubbles sound like my kind of snow too...gone in a jiffy. Hope you're having a good weekend, Courtney :)

  18. I think inspiration from Disney is the best inspiration, Courtney! I have only been to Disney World in the warmer months and always enjoy the flower displays, but this looks like it is very magical decorated for Christmas.

  19. Holiday Hello, Courtney!

    This is my first visit, and I so enjoyed it. It would be my 'dream job' to decorate for Disney, using the best of the best! Haha Thanks much for sharing!

    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  20. I have seen WDW all decked for Christmas and it is incredible! Your pics brought it all back, and it looked like a great time and one filled with inspiration!

  21. Looks like so much fun!Be sure to enter my new giveway for ruffled linen stockings,they would be beautiful in your home! xoxo Rachel

  22. Oh my gosh, they blow bubbles through the air!? How cool...


  23. I would love to spend Christmas at a Disney park! :D Thanks for sharing your day with us. I am just getting around to decorating for Thanksgiving this week ;P


  24. This is a wonderful experience. Thank you for showing me this Christmas experience.

  25. We love WDW. Have been there many times but, never at Cmas. Thanks for showing the beautiful decorations at Disneyland!

  26. I love Disneyland too. And what a fun place to go for Christmas. We took our kids a few years ago and now I wish we could do it every year. Great post.

  27. Hi Courtney,
    We took our entire family there for Christmas 4 years ago. What fun we had. It definately was magical! None of my grandies had ever been. Just told hubby that we need to do it again maybe in two years. We have 3 new ones that haven't been either.