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Trio of Vintage Blue Bottles

One little... 

two little...

three little 
delightful dreamy vintage blue bottles

I picked them up at the Re-Store completely covered in dust and grunge
but a hint of that blue color was showing through
and so much to my husbands dismay... 

I declared they were mine 

He is used to my eyes seeing things differently.
The chippy, the rusty, the crusty, the discarded...
they can look beautiful to me
 A diamond in the rough... is a diamond.

I'm not sure what each of them was originally intended for
but I instantly imagined little bouquets
set just inside each one

The lighting was so perfect for photos outside
and so outside they went to a well worn chippy bench. 
They were filled with $4 spray roses from the grocery store which were perfect.
I have been practicing some close up photography lately
and flowers -and vintage bottles-  are such fun subjects to focus on.

I  enjoyed the fresh air and warm sunshine while photographing and started dreaming
about Spring and planting and outdoor projects.
It's starting to chill down though~ cold weather is coming later this week.
I am thinking it must be time for a little getaway
 maybe somewhere at the beautiful beach 
with some warm sunshine and sand in between my toes.

I am such a Summer girl over here.

Hope your weekend has been going great!

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  1. Love <3 I need to find a good resale shoppe here!!

  2. Beautiful. Love the color of the bottles and they pair so well with the spray roses. :)

  3. Courtney, they are lovely, especially with the soft pink roses. They remind me of the color of my vintage Ball jars.

  4. They are so pretty with the roses. I can't resist coloured bottles either. I recently picked up the most beautiful blue one for $2. I'm going to post it on my blog this week. x

  5. Beautiful. Been very cold here in the south this weekend. Hope it warms up soon.

  6. Courtney, I love the color of these bottles and their cute little shaped! They look so pretty with the roses! Love the thought of being at the beach too! Cold here - freezing! Have a great week! Hugs, Leena

  7. Absolutely beautiful Courtney and your closeup shots are really amazing!

  8. Beautiful little bottles.. luv the colour. I was disappointed with our Re-Store :-( I never went back. Will have to give it another go.
    As usual thanks for sharing your luvly post.
    Hugs, Gee

  9. Cheered my right up... not feeling well and flowers always make me smile.. thank you xx

  10. Hi Courtney, sweet little bottles. I never find anything that pretty at my restore. I enjoyed your article in Romantic Homes. Congratulations..Happy Sunday..Judy

  11. Exactly as you said it, dreamy!

  12. My entire house is primary colors, but for the beautiful bottles and pink flowers, I might be tempted to change.

  13. The bottles are nice but more tan that your photo shoot ! Terrific!Olympia

  14. What neat little bottles-it's nice to reveal a treasure under the layers of life. Very sweet.
    Have a good week.

  15. i'm with you...summer all the way, baby.

    lovin the hues of these bottles and how with the pink they create such a cheery vibe.

    happy monday to you, lovely blogger.


  16. Happy Monday Courtney!!!

    Finding colored bottles are a treasure enough, but, blue ones are just so beautiful!!
    Then matching them with beautiful pink roses makes the blue come out even more. I always find it funny how the seller doesn't see the beauty in caked on dirt, rusted vintage items. But, you do and that's what makes your blog so beautiful and wonderful!!

    Rarely do we get snow living in Vancouver so our winters are quite mild. We do coll down in the evenings, but, not the cold West of us.

    Hope you have a great time at the beach!!


  17. Love, Love, LOVE!

  18. Courtney- these bouquets are charming! So inspiring for summer.
    Have you had blogger issues recently where you had problems posting a photo? I am really struggling with how to rectify my problem!
    Andrea B.

    1. Not problems posting a photo- but Blogger has been moving my photos to the sides instead of centered for some reason. Hope you get it fixed soon!

  19. I just adore the mix of the gray wood with the turquoise chippy paint beneath the bottles and flowers, Courtney! What beautiful photos!!! You seriously need to publish a coffee table book, girl. :)

    xoxo laurie

  20. So very lovely Courtney. I used one of them for my desktop for today and each time I see it; it makes me smile. The new/old bottles and the colour of the roses make a striking match. A winner for sure!
    With fortitude,
    Sylvia Faye

  21. So, so pretty....the photos are gorgeous as always!!

  22. Went and got the magazine today....soooo proud of you!!!!!! Well done!!!!! everyone else has said....beautiful as always!!!!!!!!

  23. Lovely, these colors go so well together, blue and pink.

  24. The colors are divine my sweet friend and bloggin sister ......Hugs

  25. Great shots, you really captured the beauty of both the flowers and the bottles! Glad you breathed new life into those now pretty bottles.

  26. Oh my, these photos just make me smile! Thank you. ��