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Dried flower garland~ diy

I love simplicity in decor and for Autumn- it's pretty much 
white pumpkins, wheat and dried florals
though I admit... 
I think that dried flowers are perfect for decorating for any time of the year 

Remember that dried roses garland that was draped on the mannequin 

It's simple. It's a bit romantic. 
It's a sweet touch to add in a room to a drapery rod or fireplace.

Even better-
 it is super easy to make in just a few minutes.

Here's what you need:

Dried roses or flowers or your choice
a length of rope- this one is around 6 feet long- but choose accordingly for your needs
hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

I have bunches of dried roses and flowers that I save all year long
and so for this garland- I simply chose some of the roses that already had a short stem
or that had the color or size I was looking for
I love the tea stained colors and a few spray roses in a darker tone

Clip the stems of the flowers short if they aren't already
and fire up the glue gun 

Starting at one end of the rope about 4" from the end

I placed the first rose onto the rope with a dab of hot glue on the bottom of the flower
where the stem is. You don't need a ton of glue- just enough to cover be able to attach it to the rope
You will want to hold it for a few seconds to let it dry as well- or you might be gluing it again.

Note: If the stem is too long- trim it off to be only about 2"
but don't trim it too much- some flowers will fall apart when dried
 if they are cut too close to the base of the flower

I continued spacing and gluing the roses about every 4-6" depending on the size of flowers
I varied which ones I chose- since I wanted a more random color look

I then added a few dried bunches of the spray roses to some of the larger roses 
just by gluing them to the base of the larger ones with a small dot of glue
The smaller roses have a bolder color- so just one or two here and there was all it needed
to add a little bit more oomph to the garland

You could add more flowers to the rope if you wanted a fuller look or space them much closer together

It's also perfect for draping on a mantel
or across the top of a frame if you would like

So easy to incorporate into an everyday design or for Autumn or Christmas
Yes, I am already thinking about Christmas decor over here... 
and you can bet that it will have some dried florals mixed in with the pine

Happy Friday


  1. It has a romantic feel, just gorgeous. I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend.

  2. The theme for Halloween at my home this year is "Miss Havisham's Wedding",
    This tutorial came just in the nick of time!




  3. Love this sweet project, Courtney! So charming and elegant!

    xoxo laurie

  4. Courtney,

    Your garland is absolutely beautiful and I always love the dried roses you use as part of your decor. I was wondering...I just started growing roses of all types. What is your method for drying them, if you don't mind letting me know. Thanks so much! :)


  5. Beautiful! I love your marvelous photos.
    Happy WE

  6. this is really beautiful and lovely! :)


  7. I am always pleasantly surprised when I come to visit. Love the roses and how romantic your home is. Alaina

  8. I love dried flowers and I dry quite a few ~ this is a lovely way to use them. Thank you!

  9. piękna jesienna aranżacja :))

  10. This is a great idea! Super gorgeous. My dad has a rose garden, and this gives me an idea with what to do with the leftovers :)

  11. Well, another bit of beauty coming from you and your beautiful home.
    Now I wish I had saved all those rose heads darn!

    See you soon and all you inspire


  12. Hi Courtney, à Fès postons back you poster High Point one of m'y best design marts to attend.
    You posted the new line of Pulaski pieces with there weathered French look, would love for you to stop by and take a look at my French piece that I panted with this weathered feel to it. More to come in up coming post for the holidays.

    It's an easy process in getting the look and feel on any piece.
    See you soon


  13. How lovely! It's the details that really make a space personal, right? So sweet.

  14. Thank you for sharing this lovely dried rose garland idea. I'm definitely going to try it as I love LOVE roses too! It looks beautiful against your white mantel too! xoxo, Sophie

    my blog

  15. So lovely, I too, am wondering your drying method. Did I miss a tutorial on the drying?
    xo Ginger

  16. I always love the way you use dried pink roses in your posts. they look so pretty in bunches. Would you please share with me the method you use to dry them ? I remember awhile back seeing your lovely home as a feature in a French magazine. I live in France and often buy different French magazines I think it was the french ' Shabby Chic ' Then I checked your blog, it's so lovely. But I've yet to see a French persons home as lovely as yours.