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Antique inspired clock

Do you remember that antique looking clock I have shared before?

The tall one with carved details and charm 
and a shape that is a little similar to antique mora clocks?

The clock that started out in just a stained wood finish
and then was painted a taupe color 
(pardon the iPhone photo!)

It then got a fresh coat of linen white for a photo shoot for a magazine in Europe
  and then it stayed that way. I liked it- but the white was more for the photos
than what I was looking for
Then it was put on the back burner project wise for awhile.
This photo was from last Summer- see it in the corner?

Well, it stayed white for about a year and half...
until a recent Lowes Creator challenge came up that involved paint
and making your own chalk-finish paint and using it in a project 

I love a good project- especially paint transformation
and I thought about thrifting to find a suitable candidate for a makeover but as 
I looked at that clock and it's white and 
  decided it was time for a change once again.

I picked up a color called Pantone Barely Blue at Lowes. 
It is truly barely blue- it is light with a barely discernible blue hue to it. 
You can see some of it in the areas of the clock that were not as antiqued

After I found the color I wanted
I picked up the Plaster of Paris and buckets and got ready to start mixing up
 the chalk-finish paint.

I mixed, I painted, I antiqued, I highlighted and then distressed and Voila!

 Seriously, I think that this clock and it's new old finish turned out ahhhmazing

 I am loving it and for those of you who would like to try this as well~ 
I will share the step by step for this  vintage look in another post.

Here's what you need:
(instructions courtesy of Lowes)

Valspar Signature Latex flat or Valspar paint with built-in primer (your choice of color)
Plastic paint buckets (small unless doing a wall)
Stir sticks
Plaster of Paris
Plastic measuring cup (do not re-use for food) 
Water (use cool- not warm)

What to do:

Mix 1/3 cup Plaster of Paris with 1/3 cup cold water in a mixing cup
Stir until completely smooth. Mix with 1 cup latex paint and mix completely. 

Makes enough chalk-finish paint for one coat for a 6 drawer dresser. Should not be stored and re-used. For small projects- mix less using these same proportions.  Nontoxic: to dispose - let dry completely in the container before disposing in trash.

I have a few other items to add to the list that I used- such as gold paint and an antiquing gel so if you are going to want to achieve a similar look- you will want to pick those up as well. 
You can find them in the paint section.

Find the DIY instructions and paint recipe 

Happy Tuesday
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  1. That looks so good, Courtney. Much better than the white.

  2. Omg!!! It is gorgeous as the rest of your items !!!

  3. Really pretty finish. Thanks for another way to mix up your own chalky paint. Your home is always so lovely.

  4. Pale blue and gilt are my weakness. It's a gorgeous clock in any color, but you have hit a home run with your newest rendition!

  5. Oh Courtney, that is such a fabulous finish, love it!

  6. I adore this clock and love the new finish. I would love for you to link it up to my Inspire Me Party. Hugs, marty

  7. It looks beautiful! It is my favourite finish on the clock out of all of the photos! :)
    Brandi @ Nest of Bliss

  8. Oh how I love this clock. It's beautiful!

  9. So much better than plain white! Fantastic makeover!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  10. That's a beautiful clock, Courtney! I think the new color enhances the details on it.

  11. That is a beautiful finish Courtney. Thanks for the paint recipe.

  12. Oh wow it turned out beautiful, I love it! Sooooo much better then the plain ole' white ;-)


  13. Please post the how to quick, quick like a bunny! I have an armoire that really needs this!

  14. I love it. It's truly gorgeous. This may be a silly question but where do you get Plaster of Paris? I keep hearing about making your own chalk paint but didn't know you could find everything at Lowes. Yeah Lowes for coming up with the recipe.

  15. Just beautiful! The perfect look for this clock.

  16. Comme d'habitude, beaucoup de goût dans le choix de vos beaux objets.
    Je vous félicite pour tout ce que vous y apportez en plus ...
    Bravo !

  17. Just spectacular!! So can you use this homemade chalk paint the same way as Annie Sloan's chalk sanding? I hate the sanding process.

  18. Just spectacular!!! So can you use this homemade chalk paint the same way as Annie Sloan's chalk sanding. Hate the sanding process

  19. Oh, my be still my is so beautiful. I have been mulling over if I should paint my bedroom set and just have not been able to make up my mind. I will make bedding out of blue and white toile and now finally, I think this is the way to go!!! Yay..thanks Courtney! LOve all you do. Diane

  20. What color and brand of gold paint did you use? Did you get the antiquing gel at Lowe's?
    Thank you so much.

  21. Love that aged patina. Great transformation.

  22. Absolutely beautiful...I'm really enjoying all your ideas...your home is lovely

  23. Very Nice!!! love the shape of it and the transformation is great!

  24. Incredibly beautiful Courtney…you did a magnificent job…just love the way the clock transformed so beautifully!…Going to try my hand at making my own chalk paint….thanks so much!!

  25. Gorgeous! The new color and details give it much more definition. It really highlights the details of the trim.

  26. Hi Courtney!!!!

    You said it!!! It's gorgeous and turned out amazing!!! Do I ever love the look of the clock!!! It stands out

    Thank you for sharing the "How To" for this project...What a great look!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!!!


  27. Love your clock, and the paint finish as well. Good job!

  28. Beautiful finish and perfect for a project I have been wanting to do. If I understood correctly you are going to give us your step by step process. I have the materials and I'm ready to start. Can't wait for that next post.

  29. Your clock turned out fabulous!! I liked it white but love what you did to it, just brings more personality to a fantastic piece.

  30. Wow! This clock is fabulous. You did a superb job with the paint and finish. Can't wait to see the follow-up post. Thanks.