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Collecting books

I readily admit that I love collecting a few things over here.
A few things like old silver-plate and delicate china, 
crazed ironstone in all shapes and sizes and pretty much all things french.
Oh... and furniture. 

Completely in love with gorgeous furniture.

Like chairs, gilded tables, french commodes, rustic pieces with hand rubbed patina
 pieces with worn painted finishes and french armoires.
 I  love love love armoires...
Well, the list goes on  and  you get the picture.
The collections are always changing and being added to
and that's half the fun of it.

I have been collecting mostly smaller things recently like ironstone and silver
and I have been feeding one of my favorite collecting habits-

 Vintage books.

It's not a new obsession
 I have actually been collecting old books for years. 
I have always been drawn to ones that have pretty covers, worn, rippled pages 
an interesting or favorite title or just an old, loved and well read feeling.

 I had a good start to the collection when I added some newer books to it that were my grandmothers.
She had a collection of books that were all leather bound, colorful & decorated with detailed gold patterns. They were all classics and one of those sets that you can purchase to start a collection- not old or anything- but definitely beautiful. 
I loved them and always found myself admiring my favorite feature of them-
 their gold edged pages and decorated covers.

Recently, I started ramping up the vintage book collecting while trying to find enough of those vintage style size and shaped books to fill up both of the built in bookshelves
in the cottage as well as the shelves in our home.

So when I find them- they have been coming home with me.
One of my favorites- I have a collection of these tiny little red books
 they are all Rudyard Kipling.

I tend to gravitate towards colors like black, navy or faded reds, etc. for display. 
and recently I found a stack of
very worn 

covers barely attached 
and ready to be thrown away
 vintage books.

There were even a few that didn't have any cover on them on them.
Which... I adore.

Not because they are missing their covers- but because their construction alone is beautiful.
Seriously, how those exposed bindings and simple papers upon papers woven together
with rope inspire me
Whenever I find those vintage naked books- they come home with me. 
They are so simple, quiet, textural and intriguing.

I stacked them up and wrapped their pale pages in twine
They are a perfect compliment  to a vintage aqua inkwell filled
with a few quickly drying, petals falling everywhere as I was photographing  spray roses

I stacked several sets of them on the table in the living room
and am loving how simple they look.
 So... yes, the collecting continues and I will be keeping my eye out for more of
these almost tossed out vintage books as usual.

The good news-
those shelves are almost completely covered in the cottage.

Then it's onto collecting for the built in bookshelves in the house.

Happy Wednesday

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  1. I have been doing a series of posts on collections… my old books were my next to do. (-: I have always loved the look… especially the gold leafed pages. I enjoyed this post and it gave me a few ideas.

  2. We have built our cottage ourselves, and this year we will finally have the time to begin to work on the details - trim, shutters, more cabinets and small collections. I love everything you share, Courtney!
    Happy day to you,

  3. Your pictures are always so gorgeous and inspiring! Vintage and antique books are my absolute favorite thing to collect. I can't resist them and have them throughout my home!

    Have a great day!
    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  4. You have a way of making everything look beautiful, Courtney. I just love looking at your posts and photos. The bundle of red and white books at the top is simply gorgeous!

  5. Your books and your photographs are beautiful!

  6. Vintage books are beautiful! We found some old books when we purchased our first house many years ago and consider them to be a treasure.

  7. Vintage books are beautiful …and all the other loves that you had too. YOU are speaking my language LOL

  8. gorgeous! I love the colour of the roses.

  9. You and I have quite a few of the same obsessions...oh, I mean, collections:-)

    Have a wonderful day, Courtney. The sun is shining here's gonna be a good one for me!


  10. Ooooh I LOVE vintage books, (all books really) I just went through part of my collection the other day. I was reading the printed dates, and random passages out loud to my fiance. Some of the passages were really amusing.

  11. I love vintage, leather or vellum books - they are just so tactile & elegant - harking back to another time!

    Beautiful images ....

  12. Vintage books are hard to resist, aren't they Courtney? I have the smae passion. I am learning from you how to use them more effectively in our home. Thank you.
    Pinned ...

  13. I collect antique reading books and other textbooks - love the look. If you like small books, try to find some vintage Hungarian books - usually covered in red or green and very small in size - about 4 inches.

  14. Once upon a time I, too, collected vintage books and lost all of them during Hurricane Katrina. I spent many wonderful hours in places like Seattle and Salt Lake City browsing for replacements. My favorite is a copy of the Count of Monte Cristo, covered with a faded red cloth cover, gold lettering and aging pages. The one book I salvaged was an already aged copy of Le Mort D'Artur given to me by my 11th grade English teacher, green cloth cover with water spotted and wrinkled pages, but forty years of love. Keep looking. I wish my apartment had space for a large collection. Ah, those were the days. I don't look because I have no where to keep them.

  15. What a lovely post, books are such a big part if our lives. The next best thing too reading one is seeing them artfully arranged, so thank you. (Popped over from Instagram)

  16. I recently started collecting vintage books myself! I'm not someone who regularly purchases books, so the books I do have look rather ridiculous on a shelf (especially with my style) vintage books add that perfect layer of depth and fit right in. :)
    Brandi @ Nest of Bliss

  17. I love, love, love your decorating style! So beautiful!!!

  18. I love, love, love your decorating style! So beautiful!

  19. Your photos are beautiful. I love books too!

  20. Your photos are amazing, Courtney!
    Simply beautiful.

  21. I love the vignettes you've created with your book collection! I collect old books too - I love their patina and always wonder who read them! Pinned!