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I mentioned last week that I was starting February with sharing inspirations.
Partly because I know that inspiration posts are always favorites of mine to read
and so I think they are good to share
and partly because I might also have a big case of

You know that feeling?
When paint needs to be refreshed
 and that leads to the draperies looking blah
and the sofas looking tired 
and the bedding needing a boost
 and so on.
toile drapes in our bathroom
I have made some changes already but definitely have a few more on the list
so I have been looking for inspiration, shopping around a bit and dreaming up the perfect look.
This week- I have been delving into some of my favorite magazines and taking a fresh look at just exactly what it is about what I love in each room

I thought I would share some of my recent favorites
in case any of you have a similar want to change everything issue right now ;)

Drapery panels are one of those things in a room that give me pause.
Do I want that pattern and color rich drape panel framing my doors and windows?
Or do I want something that blends more and isn't the focus?

I have a few ideas of which direction I am going in but here are some of what is inspiring me this week- you can find the links to the source and more ideas at my pinterest board

I have a little bit of a thing for a rich taffeta or silk drapery.
So gorgeous and elegant and these are an amazing color in a soft green and a subtle stripe
or... a beautiful blue

or soft blush.
How incredibly gorgeous is this? Seriously.

well... and this one too.
 Love the soft bronzy taupe color- so elegant

There is definitely something I am drawn to with neutrals and whites too

I love details
especially when they are detailed but not overpowering 
like smocking at the top on these

and a beautiful fringe along the edge of these

These have a detailed top- which is just beautiful.

Soft Surroundings

Aside from taffeta and silk and linen panels
velvet is right up there at the top for a drapery material
Rich, elegant and simple at the same time without a lot of fuss

In a creamy white or soft color velvet is warm 
and in a darker color- it's rich. I love the brown- not sure I could live with it super dark
 in my house but I do love it in this room. 
A lot.
There are a few patterns that are inspiring me as well

I adore red- and these panels look so welcoming and warm
This room is also a favorite inspiration room for me for several reasons.
The colors, the style, the furniture- love love love.

These have a more modern print- but loving the red and that bit of pattern
with the simple chair is perfect

Of course- buffalo checks are a favorite of mine 
They are very french country in style

I have gold check drapery panels that moved from the bedroom to the living room 
 but confession... they aren't up right now.
 I am thinking it might be time for a change.  Maybe.
But every time I put them away... I think about them and love them again.
So... as I said... maybe. 

The pattern on these are gorgeous- hard to see in this photo but I have the magazine
that this came out of and they are truly beautiful

This next photo is one of my favorite rooms and homes for inspiration.
This living room. The dining room. The bedrooms. Sigh.
This is also from a favorite magazine of mine but from several years ago
when the French 'look' had  more color and more detail than just the neutral French look now.

I have always loved these panels
They are simple with a very soft and subtle pattern and smocking detail at the top.

2 things that have I have been keeping an out for:
 I tend to prefer pinch pleat drapery panels and they are getting harder and harder to find.
Seems like most sources I have used in the past have a big love for grommet tops
or back tab panels now and mostly stock that type of panel. 
They are definitely not favorites of mine and are not coming home with me.

I also love longer drapes that are a little longer 96-105" usually at minimum
For several reasons- 
 our ceilings are a little taller than regular standard height
 I like to hang them higher
I also love to have a little puddling on the bottom.

I know this is Christmas- but seriously- so gorgeous.

There are so many styles, colors, patterns and details in window coverings
and truly, they change the overall feeling of the room.

Whether it's a pattern panel that makes the room
or a simple, quiet fabric that adds instead of being the focus
they are all so gorgeous. 
Maybe I should just re-do my rooms in several different styles
to enjoy all the looks I love 
What about you? What's your favorite look for drapery panels?
Are you a plain or pattern type of girl or guy?

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  1. Oh I have been going through tons of different colors and panels and finally found exactly what I wanted. Living room is done and family room is almost done. You do have some fabulous inspiration here. Hugs, Marty

  2. I like seeing other people's inspirations too! Thanks for sharing!

  3. The pinkish/blush color silk are my favorite. So gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  4. Hi Courtney. I was actually looking for Feathered Nest Friday to sign up but am just getting back from a month's vacation without a computer and so your assortment of lovely drapes are giving me Pinterest withdrawals! I agree on all of them. All so beautiful. Thanks for sharing..Happy Friday..Judy

  5. Always love your posts.....AND your home! I like to use non patterned drapery as I tend to change accessories around much more often, so need to keep my windows simple and non-competing. However, with that said, I do have patterned drapery panels in my bedroom since I have very little color and do not change accessories around. It has a beach theme so I have mostly white and beige with little shots of pale blue. I have a small condo instead of a house, so my space is also limited to big changes.....

  6. I tend to be drawn to patterned pinch pleated drapes with lots of fullness. But then I see those lovely colors in silk and think again. I love so much and change my tastes so much that it becomes so hard. These choices are all pretty. I love to look at inspiring photos also.

  7. I have more solid drapes than patterned in my house. I have solid Chocolate silk with a sage green silk banding in my living room. I have a muted gold damask in my dining room. And I have a black floral linen with red, creme and gold linen band at top and bottom in my kitchen keeping room. I also love creme or white linen opaque or sheer drapes. I enjoy the golden buffalo checks of yours and my favorite use of red is when it is paired with creme or ivory in a toile or check pattern. Your drape pins are lovely and definitely the styles that I adore. It is hard to decide when we can't use it all! The good new is that you can't go wrong with any of these ideas.

  8. There is AOT of inspiration here! We built this house last year so I am STILL trying to decide on window treatments. I have the great room and breakfast room done but am stumped on the master. Thanks for all these ideas.

  9. I had beautiful, patterned pinch pleated drapes made for my house. While I love them and think they're beautiful, sometimes I regret not going with a solid, neutral color. There is not as much flexibility in changing the wall color, etc. mine were custom and therefore too pricey to disregard. I have a particularly strong love for those red checked ones you posted. That's one of my favorite pins.

  10. I pinned almost all of these drapes so many of the same styles! I too love the longer styles that puddle on the floor and am looking for either a velvet or taffeta for my master bedroom. I adore smocking...I have burlap drapes with smocking at the top (from Soft Surroundings) and Love them!!

  11. Check JC Penny online for pinch Pleat drapes. I ordered some silk pinch pleated a few years ago and I think still carry them. They came in longer lengths too.

  12. I have similar taste as you. The grommets leave me cold and don't suit my taste. I love full lined pinched pleats with dressmaker details and that puddle. I love the Charles Faudree warmth with the checks and patterns. I love full lined silk pinched pleats that puddle as well. You've got quite the task ahead of you and I can hardly wait to see what you come up with. Its going to be fantastic.

  13. I'm doing curtains in my living room and am so lost... this helps.


  14. Love the length of most of these drapes, so romantic when they puddle. Can't wait to see what you choose!

  15. Morning Sweetie, Love all your pics and I too love the taffeta curtains. But you left out my favorite curtains. . .Lace. I have beautiful lace panels at all of my windows. I have a Victorian home and lace is the finishing touch for me. I also love lace in a French country look. It's a natural. I buy mine online at

  16. Wow! Gorgeous rooms! Nice collection of ideas here!

  17. I love drapes as they make the room. I like pattern drapes for bedrooms.

  18. I find myself loving all the different styles...what's a girl to do? That bathroom was the one that really hit my heart. I posted a post on black and white this morning, now you have me re-thinking. this is why I never make any progress in picking paint colors!

  19. Tons of Inspiration here... I'm drawn to so many Styles that mine tends to be quite Eclectic and subject to change without notice! *Winks* That Bathroom in Image #1 is Divine... Wish I had a large Bathroom, in our Historic Home indoor plumbing came much later so when the Bathrooms came indoors back in the day, they were cubby sized and not so easy to decorate effectively. But it sure must have beat an Outhouse! *LOL* We're so spoiled nowadays, really we are... when decor can even trump function and necessity as a priority. *smiles*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  20. They're all so lovely! Beautiful inspiration. I'm looking for pinch pleat, white ones for my bedroom without luck.

  21. I have those aqua toile drapes that are smocked at the top. I actually saw that same picture, years ago, in a one of those French Cottage magazines and HAD to have them. I've recently moved them to my third house and still just love them! Wish I could find a few more panels. They are the one thing I DON"T want to change. Everything else, however....

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. I love the photo's of the Vintage french ticking curtains any idea where I could find them