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September weekend musings

Weekend musings

 A pinch of this and a touch of that
and a whole cup of random all rolled into one post.
Something like pale orange and pink roses
a pretty pumpkin haul
and paint splatters as a fashion statement.

#1. Pretties

 Cream pale orange roses edged in pink
What can I say.
I am loving them together with the soft greens on the island 
just waiting to be trimmed

 or by themselves.

They are for a couple of photos shoots I am working on
and yes, I might be obsessed with styling them.

#2. Yum
I might also have made smores this week.
And maybe some hot cocoa.

 I will admit to nibbling on the chocolate during the photo shoot,
 you know, for photography purposes.
I think it helps you to truly understand your subject and convey it's personality
with your photos.

#3. Pumpkins

I found the perfect pumpkins at Lowes in another town when I wasn't even looking.
We were picking up my middle guy after he got back from a trip
 and we happened to be meeting at Lowes 
where they happened to have a beautiful display of pale pumpkins. 

They are the softest muted shades of orange and gray-greens
and chunky whites. They also had those 'warty' pumpkins
and classic orange as well if that is your preferred look.

I am loving them and 
a couple of Autumn decorating posts will be coming your way this week.

#4. Fashion

This is so random- it has to go here. 
I am thinking of starting to blog about fashion.
Seriously. Like sharing preferred painting pants and perfectly paint splattered tennis shoes
which are the essentials that any DIYer needs and how to take that look into evening.
I mean, I do sometimes DIY in wedge sandals.
See that paint on my foot in this post from the Hidden Treasure Adventure?
I kind of think it's a classic accessory.

But maybe the fashion side would also be about fashion for your home 
 like this fuzzy faux fur stool that I am with.

I will be sharing more about this cutie soon but you can find where to get one of your own
 at the end of the post if you are feeling the same love for it that I am.
Oh and yes, those are Christmas ornaments...
let's not even talk about the trees that are up already. 

#5. HomeGoods Blog

Over on the HomeGoods blog this week, I shared a couple of tips for hosting
an outdoor table setting that is inspired.
And I learned a new photography skill while doing it- 
capturing liquid as you pour.
You know, you would think it would be easier to operate the camera
with one hand
and pour liquid into a glass with the other
while checking the view on the camera to make sure you 
actually capture what you are trying to.

Honestly though, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be
just by adjusting a few settings.
I'll share a photography tips post sometime but for now
you can take a peek at the themed dinner party tips on the HomeGoods blog
if you would like!

Happy random Saturday everyone-
see you tomorrow for a French decor event! 

Hope your weekend is going great! 
*Note: I apologize to those of you who left comments earlier.
Accidentally clicked delete when trying to click publish.
I did see them though- and thank you for stopping by!*

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  1. You are just super talented Courtney and I love your blog ... I was signed on just in time to get to see this post. Love those roses ...Enjoy your weekend. :)

  2. As always a wonderful inspiration on your pages.
    Lots of blessings from South Africa

  3. Your random weekend posts are some of my favorites!