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Hidden Treasure Adventure~ Day 3 & 4

Did you know that I slept for probably 12 hours yesterday?
Maybe more actually if you count the nodding off on the plane.
Yep, I am pretty tired... but it is a good kind of tired. 
Like the kind that comes from being exhausted 
after being a part of an amazing experience.

I will save the moments with happy tears and the emotions and the room reveal for the next post. 
This post is about some of the insanity, the treasures, the laughs and the moments
that happened along the way of the GMCHTA 2014 on day 3 and 4.

Like Allison who started with power stretching
 before hitting the road in the morning.

and MJ glancing through crowds to see if the piece she had in mind was 
at the flea markets that were on the side of the roads.

Brooke and Zondra loaded their car with treasures

and yes, a few of us might have taken detours into states
 that were not on the planned route
but, hey, they were beautiful.

We shopped sales and met folks who were interested in those pretty Yukons that
we were driving and wanted to know more about just how those automatic steps worked

and that night 
found out that there were a few little small mouse friends who tagged along
inside a dresser that was found in a field in Ohio. 

Don't worry-no mice were harmed during the event. 
They just opened the doors and the mouse ran out in Lima, Ohio.
But the next night... his friend decided to make an appearance
so it was another round of wait and watch for him to find his way out of the Yukon.

The next day- it was more shopping
and a little more stress which comes from not finding the perfect pieces that you need
at the right price.

Mj found a darling rocker for the office- so perfect
since our family has a 1 year old.

We shopped big old barn sales

 and admired their absolutely beautiful floors.

We found sweet primitive treasures like this stool

and gorgeous pieces like this mirror

and beautiful old art like this one

We met folks along the way who loved what we were doing so much
that they donated items to the house that we were interested in purchasing from them.
Like the crocks for the table centerpiece. 
The man selling them gave one of them to me and sold the other at half the price he was asking.
Which meant that I could get them both.

Truly among all the hidden gems 

and fantastic treasures to be found on the GMCHTA

The best treasures are the people we met along the way

who were excited to have an opportunity
to contribute to something bigger and to be a part of the project

From a mishap with one of the main pieces that I had for my rooms 
to the laughter along the way
to the craziness
the new friendships
and the moments of exhaustion working our behinds off 
on only a couple hours of sleep 
to make a house a home for a family.

This was an amazing trip. 

I have so much more to share with you about the rooms that I worked on
and the sweet family who cried when they saw their new home 
ready for them to move into for the first time.

The reveal post is coming your way. 
Stay tuned.

Happy Tuesday.

You can find day 1 and 2 of this years adventure

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  1. Love that mirror! Love the chippy glass-paned panels in the car. Can't wait to see the reveal! Looks like an amazing experience... :-)


  2. I have really enjoyed watching you go from state to state! Did you make it to Michigan? Who was the trip put together by? Habitat for Humanity? Awesome idea!

  3. I love that mirror so much. I can tell this was an amazing experience.

  4. So excited to see the reveal. I love you do this.

    That mirror and those crocks and that wooden book case is AWESOME.

    I howled about the mouse in Lima, Ohio - my old assistant was born in Lima. I can't wait to share this post with her, haha.

    God bless you all for your hard work and comittment. This is such a neat thing.

  5. So happy to have shared this amazing experience with you, Courtney. I can't think of a better person to get lost with! x

  6. What a great story of fun and friendship and a common goal to help others. But mice... eek!
    Looking forward to the reveal!