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Weekend view~ Pumpkins & Autumn favorites

I have been gathering acorns and bits of moss 
and baskets of big pinecones 
and saving them all for Autumn stylings.

But something is missing.
Something that says falling leaves,
 brisk morning walks in fresh Fall air
 chunky sweaters and tall boots with jeans
and maybe even cups of cocoa on the patio...

Something like 

I haven't been finding too many chunky pumpkins yet- 
though they tell me maybe this week they will arrive.
I have to say that I think it's kind of funny, that there are a lack of pumpkins
 but a plethora of Christmas trees and decor already.

So for todays weekend post-
 I thought I would share a few favorite Autumn posts from last year that had some of those 
all important 'Fall' pumpkins included in them.

Like the Autumn mantel in the cottage 
I think it is one of my favorites. 
I love that it was so simple.

Or the time I wore white capris to the Re-Store 
and yes, it was after Labor Day in case you are wondering.  
Well, you can guess what happened to the capris... but look at what I found? 
I think it was worth it.

That DIY dried flower garland in my Autumn office was so simple to make- 
I love drying fresh flowers to use in the holiday stylings- and see- little pumpkins in this one too.

One more for the road~but no pumpkins here-
over on the HomeGoods blog- I'm talking about copper
and a favorite HomeGoods Happy find.

You hadn't noticed my love affair had you? :) 
It's true,  I have been crushing on metals for awhile now. 
You can read more here 

I am off to get ready for a busy weekend and a busy week coming up
 See you Monday for an early Fall inspired post and tour.

Happy Weekend everyone! 

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  1. Luv the simplistic elegance of your dried floral. So romantic....
    Happy weekend.

  2. Love your mantel from last year. So serene!

  3. Oh my...the copper at home Goods is so beautiful Courtney. They didn't get many pieces of it at my local stores (Greensboro had a few Winston got none yet) so pretty.

  4. I've been racking my brain trying to figure out what to put on my mantel for fall. Pumpkins and flowers! Perfect. Thanks Courtney!

  5. Your fall decor is always beautiful, it was fun to look back at these gorgeous post. The pumpkins are a little late this year because of our colder than normal summer.They're just starting to pop up in my area and we live in the garden state.

  6. The Fall decor is perfect.It is the same in Okla.,in fact it is still a little warm. It certainly does not put me in the mood for Fall,but i dream about it,ha! Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. The mantel look great along with all you other decorations! Now that I have read this... I just dawned on me that there isn't a lot of chunky pumpkins out there!

  8. Your home is overflowing with charm...Love!