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Crushing on~ Seltzer Bottles

 I am obsessed with a lot of things right now
like the perfect bedding with just the right amount of ruffle
and pretty pattern
or a weathered antique door that is in a new spot in our house
or even something that has a most amazing
 most delicious 
blue glass that is making me swoon.

It was one of those great treasure hunting days when we met.
I was shopping my favorite stores. 
Getting some building supplies, 
and maybe a few velvety pumpkins

 I even picked up pretty flowers at the market

and I loaded them in my car right next to that 
yummy blue glass bottle that I had just bought.

It was a loner when I found it.
All by itself and not another to be found anywhere in the store
 and no,  it is not vintage... but that didn't stop me.
I saw it sitting there on a shelf blinking at me
knowing that I wouldn't be able to resist that gorgeous blue color
 and I would grab it and make it mine.

Which, of course, I did.

HomeGoods, French Country Cottage, Seltzer bottle

Seltzer bottles are just one of those things that are always charming.
Whether they are something that you actually use or simply use as display
they are beautiful.
By themselves or grouped together - I love them.
(The next 4 images via my  pinterest board)

They have so many different colors which makes them a perfect little treasure to collect.
You can find vintage them  at places like flea markets 
or if you would like to find one  

HomeGoods, French Country Cottage, Seltzer bottle

check your local HomeGoods. 

HomeGoods, French Country Cottage, Seltzer bottle

Yes, I found this one at HomeGoods. 
I am loving it and
 the seltzer bottle collection has officially been started.

Happy Wednesday

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  1. it's beautiful and i am loving it! i will be running to home goods. (which is quite a long way for me)

    it's such a pretty color :)

  2. I so love Home Goods, someone has to hold me back when I walk into that store.....beautiful post!

  3. I love the color of that one! I have to admit that I also love collecting these….but my home goods has never had any?!!!

  4. I love your cute descriptions of the items- the bottle blinking at you-I can just imagine. I'm like that too . Every Home Goods store has different items. But I would love to have a vintage one to start with. Love your post!! :)

  5. My closest HomeGoods is 45 miles away but I'm going tomorrow!!!! Also, maybe spring at Round Top!!! I wasn't able to go last week...wonder if there were seltzer bottles there.

    1. Round Top had a few this fall, but none that said, 'take me home with you." But there were miles and miles that I did not see. :)


  6. We're getting a new Home Goods right near by. There opening in 2 weeks. I can't wait! You always find the most beautiful flowers.

  7. I have been waiting for a vintage one for a LONG time now, I have almost given up. Sounds like a trip to Home Goods is in order:)

  8. Oh the joy of HomeGoods, pure therapy shopping!
    Love your photos always a joy to visit you!

  9. I can see why you brought it home ; such a lovely color !

  10. They are so pretty and come in such assortment of colors. Great for decor,thanks.

  11. Love, love them! Never knew you could buy a new replica. I will definitely be on the look out. Luscious color!