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Random Weekend

It's one of those rainy weekends over here
which always inspires a good project
with a cup of tea 
and a heap of creativity.

1. Rain drops falling on my head
Did you know that one of the things that I love to do when it rains
is to go out for a walk or jog?
Call me crazy but I do. I love the smell of the rain 
and the sound of the raindrops falling all around.
Though I am a big time Summer girl - rain inspires me.
It also inspires projects. 

Hands on type projects and writing
both of which I am working on this weekend.
If you need me, I will most likely be behind the computer 
or camera lens all weekend long 

#2. Vintage at HomeGoods?

Seriously. That is what I said.

Vintage. At. HomeGoods.
I am in love with these little chunky tables and that wooden crate. 
I first saw them at High Point Market in the wholesale vintage shops and so many times
I have wanted to ship a couple back but... haven't done it.
I did ship some huge breadboards back once but that is another story.
Recently, I walked into HomeGoods and walked down an aisle
 and found several of those table sitting there
and almost fell over 
while knocking several ladies out of the way and sending my cart flying.
Jk. But that's what it felt like when I saw them 
I'll share a closer look once they find their perfect spot.

 #3. It's beginning to look a lot like...

a vintage crate filled with ornaments. 
Another find from HomeGoods- this dusty crusty wooden crate. 

Seriously when I thought I couldn't love that store anymore.
Yes, I know there are Christmas ornaments in that crate and I love it.  
I do shop early for the best pieces for Christmas
but I have pumpkins around the house and will be sharing Fall for another week or so
After Halloween though... all bets are off. 

4. Speaking of Autumn and HomeGoods... again... 

Over on the HomeGoods blog this week,
I shared 5 of my favorite ways to embrace the Softer Side of Autumn
Want to know what they are? Click here to take a peek

5. Sometimes you just need a little hot cider & blueberry muffin

Or maybe a few apples and some sunny yellow stripes. 
There is a definite chill in the air 
and my allergies can sure attest to all the junk blowing around 
with those beautiful falling leaves.

I played outdoors a couple weeks ago and styled a very simple
 table with a sunny yellow tablecloth inspired by our apple trees and Autumn.

More on that soon.

A quick note for email subscribers:
I will be transferring over all of the email subscriptions for my blog
to a different service shortly.
Here's what that means for you-

 #1 you should be FINALLY receiving all the posts  in your inbox (Yay!)
 #2 the email might look a little different 
#3 yeah, honestly, I don't know if there will be any glitches
 so I am apologizing ahead of time if anything wacky happens. 

It's a learning curve over here- but so many changes going on behind the scenes means 
things might get a little wonky from time to time. 
I appreciate your patience!

Coming your way this week~ 
 Colorful rug and pillow inspirations
a most amazing Autumn soup for an inspired dinner party
a little more Fall
 and maybe even a little Spooky if I get it all wrapped up

Happy weekend everyone.

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  1. Your photos are fabulous. I love them. I have been shopping for ornaments too and some fabulous wrapping paper and ribbon, I agree you have to get it early before it is all gone. Love your gold and white cup, I have one just like it.

  2. I just was in a brand new Home Goods that just opened up near my house. I don't understand what the big deal is. I wasn't impressed at all. Tjmax is better. I think. I love your pink ornaments.

    1. Thank you Carol Jane!! I am loving the pink ones and they are super heavy and detailed. :)
      Even though TJMaxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods are the same company- they all have different things and I have found some awesome home things at TJMaxx too - love shopping there as well!

  3. Oh no! Time to start thinking about Christmas. The other day I found some lovely vintage glass ornaments at the antique mall. couldn't help myself , had to buy them. :D

    1. I love vintage ornaments- I have been stalking the thrift stores recently in search of some but they haven't put them out just yet... but should be soon! :)

  4. Beautiful and peaceful photos. Thank you. Catherine

  5. LOVE those tables and that box!! Do all of the HG's have these? The closest one to me is in Tracy and then there is Elk Grove. I would LOVE one of the boxes!!! Guess a road trip is in store.

    1. I'm not sure if all HomeGoods have them- you know it's totally hit or miss a lot of times but there were several crates at 4 of the tables when I was shopping. I think they were just putting them out this week with all the coastal stuff - so definitely worth checking!! Hope you find them!

  6. OMG girl you even have beautiful shears. Seriously? : = )

    You got it.

    Love your pics and almost went into HomeGoods today but my little niece had to study for a test. Prolly better to go in there alone anyway, it can take a while. LOL.

    1. Aww thank you Michele :) The shears are Nate Berkus from Target :) and yes, it's good to go to HomeGoods alone... you have to have time to focus and really look around to find all the goods!

  7. Homegoods always has wonderful pieces and "surprises" least things that get our creative juices going!. How great that we have this in this time of our lives for so many creative ideas with our homes! Good luck with your changes!

    Jane xx

  8. Courtney, I have to tell you , did you do something to FeedBurner that made them shape up?? I got your post, and 3 others that I signed up for months ago, today, all at once.I commend you if you did. Love the HomeGoods finds. I was at my closest one today and did not see either one of those but saw (and got) some great Christmas china..Happy Weekend..Judy

  9. I have never seen vintage items at HomeGoods yet...hope that some land in mine....I have never lost your posts in my email... a good thing...I have been getting many posts lately that have been dropped ... so hopefully they are working out the kinks!!!...Love that you run in the rain....with our rain, it is usually accompanied by that dreaded lightning!....