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Shopping Vintage Inspiration

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend

and a very
 Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there.

Mothers Day weekend was quiet over here
Two of my three have moved to other areas this year so I enjoyed a great day with my girl
 that started with a blueberry protein pancake
and ended with garlic pasta 
(Seriously. Both cooked by her.  She is SO hired!) 
Then it was a leisurely walk after dinner
a little work
and gearing up for the series finale of Revenge.
On a side note...
 Why whenever I get into a show and look forward to it every week
do they decide to cancel it?

I did a little planning for that upcoming renovation on the bathroom (yikes!)
 and planning for that refresh in my office
So while I was shopping online and daydreaming about some of those projects,
it reminded me of the amazing vintage and vintage inspired pieces I admired
while at High Point that I promised to share with you.

High Point Market is so much more than just a furniture market.
It is filled with inspiration of all kinds. From decor pieces
to inspiring talks, to meeting designers, books signings
and even a live concert- fun fun.
But another one of my favorite things to do when I am at the Market 
is to hit up the vintage and vintage inspired showrooms and shops.
There are a ton of them- they even have a section called the Antique and Design Center
(you know you can find me lingering there for awhile)
and a lot of the showrooms are cash and carry.

One of my favorite inspirations is Eloquence Antiques.
Something that seemed to catch my eye everywhere and especially
 in the Eloquence showroom?
Covered. In. Bling. 

(Hi there)
 From large to small-
 they were tucked in corners, above beds, doubled above tables
and floating above desks.

 Serious love. And my camera seemed to want to capture each one of them.
 Eloquence is always a must stop spot on my list while in High Point.
From their antique cupboards 

to their French chairs

I love it.

Next stop-
 a few inspirations from the always gorgeous

Dovetail is a bit more colorful and rich in hue than Eloquence
but absolutely inspiring and when I walk in here, 
sometimes I think a dash of color is just what you need.

Or maybe it is an oversized beaded chandelier...

or a bevy of crystal beaded beauties marching down a table.
One thing 
I do know that I am convinced of ?
You definitely need an old reclaimed brick wall indoors.

One more for the road
but no less a favorite junking spot while in High Point
Gypsy Market Place. (aka Blue Ocean Traders

Can we just talk about these old marble sinks for a second?
I thought it might be a good idea to try to tuck one into my carry on
you know, somewhat similar to what I did on the GMC yard sale trip
and bring all.those.books back with me?
Well, we won't talk about how heavy they are- just about how beautiful they are.

China anyone?
I might need some more- I am kind of addicted. 
And there was soo much to choose from.

A wider view- you can see more stacked behind
and those wire rolling bins
and wooden boxes 
and wooden dough bowls
antique shutters and doors
chandeliers and sconces
vintage oil paintings
and the list.goes.on.
I didn't take as many photos in Gypsy- because,  I was shopping away.
I won a shopping credit while at the Vegas Market
and so, I got to have even more fun than usual.
When the pieces arrive- I will show you where they end up.
You can see more of Gypsy, Bobo  and other favorites  in

Coming your way this week:
a simple diy with dried florals
renovation inspiration 
and tips for getting the cottage look in your own home.

Happy Monday everyone.

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  1. Oops. Let me wipe the drool from my mouth. You took photos of soooo many lovely things!
    Michelle from

  2. I *love* eloquence but despite living in SoCal for several years I've never had time to go to their showroom since they aren't open on weekends. I've never heard of dovetail before... I'm checking out their website now. Thanks for sharing with us, I'm totally jealous of your trip.

  3. Thanks for the jaw-dropping tour of the market.

  4. Your photos are awesome, mmmm I will take a pine cub board and the sinks.....oh I'm sorry I was just dreaming out loud...smiling. Everything is so much fun to look at....
    Be blessed

    1. Thank you- I know I feel like taking one of each too! Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Thank you- I know I feel like taking one of each too! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Gorgeous! Everything is so inviting and cozy feeling. Loving ALL the crystal chandeliers!

    I was wondering if I missed the blueberry cheesecake recipe you were going to share. Have you posted it yet?

    1. Nope you haven't missed it- it is coming your way in the next week!

    2. Nope you haven't missed it- it is coming your way in the next week!