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Random Saturday

I have been missing those Random Saturday posts that I haven't put up for a couple weeks
and I thought that I would share a few random things this morning.
Things like Peonies
sweet twin girls gift baskets
cottage Christmas decor
and a peek at a post coming your way this week involving green garland
 and blue and white.

#1.  Peonies

Need I say more? 
Yes, peonies. 
At the market. 
In December. 
And now, in my house too!  :) 

You know you will see these a bunch of times in different vignettes coming up
and if you are looking for some for yourself- I have seen them at Whole Foods 
and Safeway several times in the past couple of weeks. 

#2. Gorgeous Garland 

Oh how I love garland.
On the mantel. Framing the door, In the bedroom.
Mixed with blue and white ticking, linen and a touch of red- it is talking to me big time.
I shared a peek at this never before seen on my blog room on instagram and coming this week-
I will share the full bedroom decor.

#3.  Cottage Christmas Ideas 

On the HomeGoods Blog this week~

#4. Gift Basket 
I also shared a gift basket idea on the HomeGoods blog that I put together for some very special twin girls.  You can see that one HERE

#5. A few favorite things

You know how you shop for gifts for someone special and end up finding favorite things that you put on your list too? It happens to me all the time.
 I am putting up a new get the look page with favorite gift ideas 
for others and for yourself.
It will include things like these little champagne bites and that mug...
 kind of in love.

I am off but will see you soon with a couple of round up posts
Ideas for gifts for a cozy evening. 
That blue & white cottage bedroom
Inspirations for rugs and how the perfect one can make a room
and of course a couple more Christmas decorating posts coming your way as well. 

Happy Random Saturday everyone

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  1. Those peonies are gorgeous and I just love the blue and white bedding. I just discovered your blog on instagram and enjoying it very much. Beautiful home!

  2. I LOVE p.eonies but they are $5 each and the local Whole Foods doesn't have them

    1. Oh that is expensive! These were 5 for $12- much more reasonable.

  3. Peonies! None available here that I've seen. I adore the look and the fragrance. '-)
    My table with white reindeer is set. Dinner party Monday evening. Thank you again for sharing your darling idea and for the endless inspiration you send my way, Courtney.

  4. What pretty posts you always share, Courtney. The peonies are just gorgeous and I wouldn't generally think of them as Christmas flowers, but they are breathtaking and super festive at the same time! :)

  5. I adore peonies, also! I'll have to put these on my shopping list for the week!

  6. Those Raggedy Ann dolls are darling, my niece would love one.

  7. Peonies are one of my all time favorites! They pop up in our yard around June, so it's refreshing to see them here in December. Everything else looks just lovely too. Thanks for sharing.