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Saturday Musings

This weeks edition of random Saturday is brought to you
 by big kids and the happiest place on Earth.

 1. Traveling shoes

This week, we were off an adventure to Los Angeles to visit one of my sons and his girlfriend.
This was the first time that we flew down to LA  instead of driving
but we wanted to maximize the time we would be able to visit
and so- an hour long flight is perfect.

While flying, my teenage daughter decided to start quoting Bridesmaids. 
In case you were on the same flight- we were the ones who were laughing non stop.
She started with the whole colonial woman churning butter on the wing thing
 and moved onto how she was feeling so relaxed...and ready to par-tayyyyy...

I was relieved to see that we didn't have a flight attendant named 'Stove' (or Steve) or it 
really might have gotten a little out of hand.

2. Disneyland is for big kids too

While in LA we decided to spend a day over at Disneyland.
It has always been one of the kids favorite vacation spots and just because they are older
doesn't mean they don't love it just as much.

2 of my 3 laughing at Vine videos

We laughed,  ran around, went on all our favorite rides and I did one of my favorite things too-
 spent a little time sitting in New Orleans Square with all the ambiance
 taking photos and people watching.
I find it fascinating.

Unfortunately, by the evening- that big kid of mine was not feeling too good.
He ended up needing an antibiotic for a secondary infection from
 a bug he and his girlfriend had the week before. 

3. To market... to market

This week we stopped at the market for a few Twix bars for a special birthday friend
and came out with Twix bars &  half-price cottage roses.

No, I did not go in to buy roses
but half price?  
And they smell amazing too unlike some of the hybrid roses. 
I think it might possibly be a crime to have left them at the store.
So... it happened. 

4.  Rainy day weekend

It has been in the 70's and 80's this week but it is supposed to rain over here this weekend.
Aside from perking up the grass and making everything look gorgeous outside
I love a day of rain for inspiring me to just take some time and create something.
Whether it is designing and photographing something
working on writing projects or just putting the finishing touches on a creative project.
  I am thinking of making another flower cone for our front door - simple and easy to create and so charming made out of chicken wire. 
You can find more ideas for using leftover chicken wire- here

5. A fresh coat of paint

Since it is Spring and I am feeling the need to lighten and brighten
I am getting ready to freshen our knotty pine walls with a coat of paint.
They looked like this when we moved in...

and look like this currently.

I go back and forth on the best shade of white- and honestly, white is hard.
They seem to be either too yellow, too blue, too gray, too pink, too stark, too creamy.
But I am picking up a couple of samples to try and will compare a couple different ones
and share my thoughts in case you are looking for the right white as well.
To see more about our knotty pine walls and the transformation -
you can find that HERE

That is about it for this Saturday musing post.
Coming your way next week:

Details of the closet makeover
a diy project 
and some inspiration

Happy Saturday everyone!

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  1. It makes me smile to read of your adventures with your grown children. There is nothing more pleasing for a parent than to have connected and loving relationships with their adult children. And Disney knows how to make us all feel like kids no matter what our age.

  2. Have a great weekend Courtney....I can just imagine the conversation on the plane...too funny...loved that movie!....and must say I love your shoes!...hope everyone is feeling better!

  3. I wish I had been on that flight, it would have gotten my mind off my fear of flying!!! Hope your son is better!

  4. It's funny that you mentioned how difficult it can be to choose a shade of white paint as there are so many variations available. Marian (aka Miss Mustard Seed), posted a video on her blog on Saturday addressing this same issue. Both of your posts are timely for me, as my husband and I are getting ready to paint some rooms in our home. It looks like we will have our work cut out for us in deciding what shade of white we want to use. I hope you'll share which shade you ultimately choose. Dorene @ Seasonal Chapters

  5. I just watched "Bridesmaids" this afternoon - too funny! Glad you had a fabulous trip and I love the shade of white you currently have on that wall - it's fabulous!!!

  6. Courtney, thanks for sharing your travel photos (and story)-- New Orleans Square is my favorite part of Disneyland too. And thanks for hosting Feathered Nest Friday.