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Something Green

Something old, something new.
Something borrowed, something green.

Green? Well, why not? 
A little something green can be enchanting.
That pop of color can be delightful in a room that is filled with neutrals
such as white slipcovered sofas, nubby linens and dark stained wood floors.

Maybe something green that has a lovely color of verdigris
That greenish blue that lands on copper
and creates the perfect compliment to the warm metal tone.

Or something green that is vibrant like the stems and leaves on flowers
that say Spring perfectly.

Or maybe it is a well worn, chippy, chalky sea green 
that coats an old farmhouse bench in just the right spots
and with just enough of a hint of color against the silvered old wood.

I am talking layers here.
Layers upon yummy layers of chipping paint.

I have shared snippets of this bench before
it is one that a friend of mine was tossing because it is a bit warped and wobbly 
and definitely not perfect. 
 I grabbed it and brought it home of course.
Because it had potential.

Though I don't have a ton of green in my home
I do love the right amount of vintage color in a room
and this vintage green plays perfectly bringing the farmhouse to my french cottage
and the chippy patina to more elegant antiques.

But I have a feeling that touch of vintage green would look pretty darn good
no matter where you place it or what you place it with.

Like that pop of bright pink in those ranunculus
and the black and white stripes beneath it.

Or against the serene and soft white background.

And even with a burst of warm orange color.

So, here's to adding a little bit of green to your room
with something old or something new.

Happy St. Patricks Tuesday everyone.

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  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day! I don't have a lot of green in my home either, but a small touch - especially in a natural form - can really add to a room. That is one reason why plants or fresh flowers look so nice in home decor.
    Michelle from

  2. Green is a great compliment to colorful flowers! The ranunculus are so, SO pretty!

  3. We are totally with you...chippy green is FANTASTIC lol!!! {you had us at the ranunculus though!!}
    Have a great day!!
    Karla & Karrie