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Summer Entertaining~ A Lavender Inspired Table

I am not usually a huge purple kind of girl
though I have been known to give my heart to a pretty bouquet of lilacs
soft floral fabrics
 or bundle of fresh lavender 
which pretty much gets me every time.

So the other day
when I walked into one of our local markets
and smelled the scent of fresh cut lavender- 
I knew I was in trouble.

I can't resist fresh lavender- 
and this bundle of lavender wrapped in burlap-
well, it had me wrapped around its little blooms at hello.

I instantly imaged it on the farmhouse table in the backyard.
A mix of vintage greens and the patina of weathered wood.

Lanterns and candles for ambiance

a pairing of vintage and new purple stemware

and simple but elegant white dishes edged in gold.

If you have been following my blog for any length of time
 you know my favorite tables start with the bare, weathered tabletop
rather than a cloth. It is just me- but I prefer that worn wood
patina to be the backdrop for an elegant table.

This time, I used a simple linen runner down the center
and placed a collection of sea glass green and clear bottles on top of it.
Since I wanted the purple to speak for the table

 I filled the bottles only with lavender blooms and a couple stems of lisianthus
so that the centerpiece was simple and didn't overwhelm.

I promised to share some of my favorite entertaining tips 
and table setting ideas for Summer parties 
and so this one is for those who love purple
and simplicity.

When creating a centerpiece I like to make sure that I have a certain amount of 
'airy' included to keep it feeling 'breathable' so the conversations can flow easily.

The stemware has a bit of a secret. 
It is a mix of vintage- the smaller more pink purple glasses were my grandmothers-
and the larger more blue purple glasses are  from the Dollar Store.
I know. Seriously.  The Dollar store.
But hey, you go in to get a few gift bags or candles 
and sometimes you bump into a most perfect accent 
for something you are working on.
It was pretty much the universe aligning on that one.

Simple party food
such as a blue cheese round set on rosemary and arugula
with a few blueberries and  slices of hearty seed bread. 
Delicious, so easy to prepare and absolutely beautiful on the table.

 For dessert-  a huge favorite of mine
 blueberry cheesecake.

Easy Tip: 
Slightly freeze the cheesecake just before the party so that it will stay fresh
 a bit longer in the warm evening air.
A bonus is that the blueberries will freeze fairly quickly and get a nice frosty touch 
that will melt away as your guests enjoy dinner.

Lighting- think ambiance.
Candles, lanterns, twinkle lights in trees.

I love to place lanterns on the rock steps and tuck a couple smaller ones into the flower beds as well.
They are simply wonderful for evening ambiance and for adding just enough light to dine by 
while letting the stars and moon play a big part of the setting.
(these are from Balsam Hill)

Don't forget comfortable essentials such as a few blankets stacked in basket or placed on the chair
for guests to wrap up in should a chill arise.

I also like to have the fireplace ready to go with a stack of wood or kindling 
and paper for lighting a little later in the evening to enjoy a glass of wine late into the evening.
You can do the same with a fire pit as well or simply have a seating area dotted with candles
ready to move to after dinner is over.

Summer Entertaining is in full swing over here which I love
and up next- 
I will be sharing a few ideas for a table for two
and a quiet date night in the orchard.

Happy Friday everyone.

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  1. This is all just beautiful!! What a lot of work you did for this. Lavender is just so summery and timeless. All the touches on the table and around it is so perfect. I want to crawl through the screen and sit there. Have a blessed weekend! Diane

  2. Oh, perfect, beautiful! Have a great weekend, Tereez

  3. Courtney your table is so enchanting. How lovely to have a meal out of doors and with all the candle light and lavender. Beautiful. Jo

  4. Just lovely! Your table and fireplace is so inviting. Happy Friday to you.

  5. So lovely - how I would delight in being a guest at your table! Just beautiful, Courtney!

    Have a wonderful weekend. : - )

  6. Your table setting is stunning! Just love your lanterns too!

  7. Thank you for the tips on setting up a table...your table and fireplace look so inviting and draw you in.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Very pretty summery table! Great advice on having a centerpiece that is airy and breathable so conversations flow - perfect for outdoor entertaining. Your lanterns are lovely too.

  9. I love it all so much!!! Swoon!!! The lavender is beautiful on its own but in those bottles it is even more stunning!!! I just found you courtesy of Lee's Hideaway and I am so happy I did!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  10. allestimento perfetto e informale, un piacere ritrovarsi con gli amici!

  11. Stunning! I love purple & lavender!

  12. So beautiful and I absolutely adore the purple color scheme with the wood, and I still can't believe that those glasses are from the dollar store! I simply love the dollar store, so cheap and it has EVERYTHING I swear, beautiful space as always

    Lauren Baxter | LB Designs