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Saturday Musings~ Books & Pumpkins

From musings to happenings to the latest and greatest-
 Random Saturday is a mix of this and that
and everything in between
and it is all rolled into one weekend post.

This week
I have been in project land with early starting on planning another renovation 
(yes.I know)
working on some to the photography and styling assignments I have on my to-do list
and of course wrapping up the autumn decor 

So this week's random Saturday post is a different one-
it is all about what I'm reading 
a little about what I'm working on
and wondering out loud 
 just where those Cinderella pumpkins are...

What I'm reading

My Stylish French Girlfriends

 I am always on the look out for a new inspiring coffee table book to pick up and thumb 
through as I am sipping coffee or relaxing by the fire in the evening.  
And one all about French style and the real life stories behind some of those 
beautiful places, people and homes? 
Well that is pretty perfect for me.

My Stylish French Girlfriends offers just that. 
 The photography.
 The inspiration.
The glimpse into a lifestyle you might dream about.
The writing and charm that transports you right into France.
A book that offers you a peek inside the doors of some of the most gorgeous French homes 
and the lives of the women who live in them.

My friend Sharon over at My French Country Home has done such a beautiful job.
My Stylish French Girlfriends is one of those big coffee table books 
which happen to be my favorite because then it really feels like you step inside the photos.
But it is also big on inspiration. 
It is a book filled with gorgeous photos and great stories and an in depth look at 
 20 French girlfriends and the lives that they lead.

 If the idea of moving to France
 and living right there alongside those who live and breathe that world 
is something that you would like to do- 
this is a perfect book to give you a glimpse into what their lives & lifestyles are truly like.
I love to travel and 
I think the best thing about visiting an area is meshing right in with the people who live 
there and becoming a part of the flavor.
 You learn the way they live, who they are, what living there is like
 and can truly experience their lifestyle while you are there.

In the book- it is just about that. 
Each home is different- as is each story of course and I noticed that as I read through
that I was drawn to the house or the style of the room first-
but I couldn't wait to read about the story behind it.  
How the house was discovered, where they found their style and just who is
the person who lives there.
It was the story that brought each beautiful home to life. 

I related to several women in this book for different reasons- their aesthetic or their personality
but the story of Marie-Christine and the instant connection
 she felt with her beautiful home in spite of the crumbling appearance and neglect it wore- 
it was a story that resonated with me. 

How Marie- Christine saw past those tattered clothes and imagined that home dressed beautifully.
How she and her husband worked together to bring that romantic vision to life. 
How they took something forgotten and gave it a fresh start.
It is a story I can relate to so much with my own cottage and the dilapidated state
 it was in when we found it.
 And how there was a definite love affair with what the vision that the house could be
 that began the first time I stepped inside.
A fun and interesting and just simply beautiful read-
find your copy of My Stylish French Girlfriends 
(and see who you relate to most) 
 on Amazon 
or at your local book store.

In the rest of this weeks Saturday news...

On Wednesday, I shared a peek at the autumn that has started to appear around our home.
I am a huge natural decorator- and I don't do a ton for autumn really- just fresh greens, baby's breath
dried florals and what not.
 Though I do love those faded Cinderella pumpkins tucked in here and there.
But so far this year  it has been mostly the velvet pumpkin variety and a few baby boos. 
Those pale pumpkins are elusive yet... and I have been all over the county. 
And into neighboring counties. And into stores that I don't usually shop at they might have them... nothing but carving pumpkins and little baby pumpkins yet.
I think last year- it was around the 2nd or 3rd week of October before those soft hued beauties
 were here. So though I am watching for them
 I know that by the time those gorgeous Cinderella pumpkins arrive
it is likely that I may already have a few Christmas trees set up.


But, of course- autumn decor isn't just about pumpkins. 
There are harvest parties and vignettes and lots and lots of natural touches 
like seeded eucalyptus that are perfect for bringing in.

So for now, I am enjoying our warm weather 
and touches of fall in our home before the leaves change color and the air turns crisp out here in California.
And that includes entertaining outdoors under the stars. 

Setting an outdoor table is definitely a favorite thing 
so stay tuned this week because
 I will be sharing a closer look at this outdoor autumn table setting with eucalyptus
purples and peaches, a touch of copper and gold
and much more.

Hope your weekend is off to a great start-
Happy Saturday everyone.

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