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Random Weekend

Happy weekend.

Do you know how much I love to sleep in just a bit on the weekend? 
And maybe wear my pajamas until 9 am? 
And enjoy an extra cup of coffee while perusing instagram?

I love it.

And yes, I know.
Maybe a bit too much perusing and sipping on coffee in my p.j.s
 since Random Saturday is going up late right?
But nope- this weekend- it was a get up early
 get ready to be inspired kind of weekend. 
I am over in High Point, North Carolina ready to be dazzled 
by all the gorgeous furniture, inspiring people and designs.

I am thrilled to be joining the Design Bloggers Tour at High Point Market - 
 and what a line up of bloggers and amazingness we have on the agenda!
 I will of course be sharing more here on my blog
 but for in the moment as they happen peeks -  you can follow along over on instagram. 
And, I just may do another Periscope or two while gathering up all that inspiration
 so stay tuned there as well.

In the usual random weekend news-
I will be in search of some of the best vintage treasures while in High Point-
okay okay, I might have already bought something...
But of course you know that my favorite -favorite places to shop for vintage
will be on the list.
Like Eloquence, Gypsy Marketplace and Bobo...
if you happen to be going to the Market- I definitely recommend a stop. 
Though be prepared to be completely mesmerized
with all the goodness and possibly be late to lunch.

I packed 3 pairs of shoes. Plus flip flops.
Yes, I almost felt like I needed an extra suitcase just for my shoes.
I brought my everyday go-to wedge sandals. And my fancy schmancy black velvet heels 
and my tennis shoes.
You see, you do a lot of walking at Market. It is HUGE. 
And I have learned that I start out in my pretty shoes and go gang busters,
 then have to switch to the little bit less pretty shoes when those start to hurt my feet
 and then blisters & I can hardly walk another step sore feet start happening and by then,
 all bets are off and I am putting on my comfortable shoes.
The flip flops are for the hotel. ;) 
So if you see me on day 1 or 2- I will be looking stylish.
Can't guarantee it after that. ;)


Last week it was all about bats, this week it is all about Praying Mantis.
It seems like every year we have a couple praying mantis that like to be around the house. On window screens, on the arbor, wandering across the window, etc. This year- there have been a huge amount of them everywhere- including one inside the house.
It was just sitting there on my grandmothers wheat sheaf table looking at us.
I am really beginning to wonder about the creatures that keep visiting.
 But again- just like bats- praying mantis are good luck so I am told-
 so I am going with it. 


Have I told you that my daughter makes the most amazing guacamole?
With only 3 ingredients.
 It is super easy and without a whole bunch of stuff added to it-so it is healthy too. 
I am going to bug her to let me photograph the unconventional way she makes it
and share the recipe- because even though guacamole may seem more like a summer food to some
 there is no such thing as a wrong time of year to have it in my opinion.
 The only thing that rivals it is her 'Chipotle' knock off corn salsa. 
Can't decided which one I would rather eat every day of the week... 
so I will go with both.

One more for the road,
about that vintage treasure I picked up...
It is just a tad bit brassy.
And a little on the large side. And it is completely amazing.
And I am not yet sure how I am going to get it back home.
More coming on that soon.

Happy weekend everyone.

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  1. What a great experience. I had a friend who used to live in Raleigh and her house was filled with treasures she found at some great local shops.