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Random Weekend

Happy weekend after Christmas.

This weekend it is all about taking a breather from the busy.
From the shopping and the wrapping and the entertaining
to the sleeping in and being a tad bit lazy for just a bit.

I hope everyone had a beautiful blessed Christmas -
ours was busy but filled with laughter and crazy family fun... 
because that is how we do things. 

And in the random news today-

Griswold Family Photo

We have a new tradition in our family.
A new everybody line up on the staircase at my moms 
and take a random photo.

This is the tame slightly wonky version.
Where we all tried to smile on cue 
after I dashed over to the stairs and sat quickly next to my brother Evan
and we held our smile while we waited for the timer to go off.
Do you know how hard it is to get that many people looking at the camera
looking good, smiling, including my twin nieces and the puppies?
Take #347 might have been the only one.
Other than the wild version where who cares if you look goofy right?
But I won't share the Griswold family version- 
because that family right there?
They can get a little wild and crazy. 

After Christmas Sale

Yes, I am obsessed.
I am so in love with this gorgeous white tree.

And I wanted to share that #1- the Mount Washington White tree is on Clearance.
As in half price clearance at Balsam Hill (and almost sold out)
And #2- You can use a special  French Country Cottage discount code
to take an extra  $30 off any purchase of $299 or more.
Even sale and clearance.
So have your eye on something else? 
You can shop the sale and use the coupon on anything you would like.
Find the extra discount coupon code HERE
and the white tree here


How long are you leaving your Christmas trees and decorations up?

I am usually an up through New Years and maybe a few weeks beyond type of girl.
On one hand- it is great to get the house back in order and a little on the spare side 
after the holidays
and on the other, those twinkling lights add so much ambiance to a room,
The great debate continues.

Recipes, Peonies and more

The peonies are in the house even now...they are blooming away-
and I am majorly amazed (and thrilled!) with  how long
they have lasted.
And I worked on two fun NYE posts that I will be sharing this week
that those peonies make an appearance in.
I gave you a little peek before Christmas but the full posts will be popping up here soon. 
As well as an amazing, simple and knock your socks off delicious recipe that is perfect
 for those New Years Eve get togethers.

Just a couple bits of random today
 I am off to pour another cup of coffee.
Hope your Sunday is off to a great start!

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  1. What an awsome family photo!crushing on the peonies ,they are just beautiful. I like to keep my Christmas up until at least after the new year., then it's how fast I can get to taking it down.
    Be blessed

  2. We keep the trees up into January due to my husband birthday is January 2nd. Typically my grandma left the tree up to January 6th due to its Epiphany holiday, commonly known the "Three Kings Day" in the US. It celebrates the three wise men visit to baby Jesus and also remembers his baptism according to the Christian Bible event.

  3. What an awesome family picture! Wow and everyone was looking at the camera with a nice smile :-)
    I normally try to keep it up till January 6, the Three Kings Day.....
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas....


  4. We also celebrate Epiphany and leave most of the decor up till mid to late January. Winter can be kinda bleak up here so I like the lights and the color. However, this year we haven't had any snow, warmest December on record.....!!!

  5. Everything looks so pretty and you have lovely family, Courtney! Merry Christmas a bit late! :)

    Jane x

  6. Great setting for a family photo - clever! Yeah I'm in no hurry to take down the twinkling!