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Obsessions & a simple mantel styling

I will admit to having more than just a few obsessions.

Pink peonies and eucalyptus on mantel

With things like fresh flowers
original patina 
and crystal chandeliers to name a few.

Remember how I told you about that obsession that sparked a New Years Eve tale
 that was wild and crazy 
but not in a Times Square kind of way? 

It was an obsession that involved a road trip through tiny towns in the countryside,
an old 1969 pick up truck
 an antique treasure...
and that great debate 
about which road would have been faster.
(and who was right) 

Chandelier, pink peonies and mantel

Well, we all know who was right.

Chandelier with mantel and peonies in background

And even though we spent 6.5 hours on the road that day
when we planned on 3 total...
but there was good reason for it. 

At least in an obsessed, blogger, stylist, junkers mind.

Antique fireplace mantel with peonies and greens

I mean, look at that patina...

antique fireplace mantel details

Old spidery lines and 
chipping paint

Antique fireplace mantel chipping paint details

and oodles and oodles of original charm and details 
in that most amazing  center carving.

Antique fireplace mantel old paint close up

Seriously. I am obsessed.
And I am okay with it.

I have been on the hunt for the perfect antique mantel for awhile now
just because, for photo shoots, you name it.
Though there were a few that popped up here and there 
none of them said 
'I am perfect for you- come get me'
And in my now a little more selective collecting mind- 
something has to knock my socks off  to come home with me.

Antique fireplace mantel detail carving

Though I would find one here and there...none of them spoke my language just perfectly
in size and style and detail. 
And even if I tried to love them like I loved them and had to have them...
my socks stayed right on my feet every time.
Until this one. 

This mantel spoke my language perfectly.

Antique fireplace mantel peonies and mirror

Covered in original charm and patina and the size is HUGE. 
As in nearly the size of our over 8' long mantel in the living room.
And it is all original- not painted over and tinkered with
right down to the blistered old paint from the years of the fire warming it.

Antique mirror on fireplace with flowers

I placed this beauty originally in the sitting area outside the bedroom
but I moved it my office this weekend and played with a simple styling
that does a little dance in between winter and spring.

Antique mantel with flowers

I am mildly obsessed with it...
and with peonies of course- which needs no explanation at all.
And  stacks of old books are always a favorite as well-
especially if they are 'naked'.

So for a simple winter styling- that borders on spring
but that makes me happy happy- think a few of your favorite things.

Something with patina- check.
Something pretty- check.
Something rustic- check.

 I added just a couple small bouquets of blush pink peonies
mingling with stacks of books
and a few sprigs of eucalyptus
and that was all that this gorgeous beauty needed.

French style office with antique mantel with peonies and gold mirror

I am in love with it.
And in case there was any doubt with the abundance of photos I took this weekend...
yes, the obsession continues.

Hope your Monday is off to a great start

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  1. Really beautiful, Courtney..Happy Monday..Judy

  2. It is gorgeous! Looking forward to more mantel posts!
    Barb :)

  3. I so love your mantel, it's so beautiful. Your photos are so pretty as always 😊

  4. Love, love, love it Courtney. I love mantels and yours always looks so inviting. I too found a great mantel but it was way....too big for any room in my house. I plan to use it for styling in our antique booth. It was painted turquoise with lots of different layers on paint underneath. I chipped off lots of flaking paint and plan to do a whitewash over it. It took has all the crackles. It's from 1919 and is huge with big corbels etc.

  5. I love everything about these pictures. The simple whites with pink accents...nothing is more stunning. I love the character of the mantel and the selective items your paired with it. I know what you mean with obsessions, I have quite a list of my own that seems to keep growing, but like you said I too have to be selective and it has to speak to me in order to make the cut. It is simply beautiful! - Vanessa

  6. Hi from Australia! Very pretty styling!

  7. I can see why you are obsessed it is beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, all of it, enjoy!

  8. Old books and crusty things. Yay!