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Random Saturday

This weeks edition of random Saturday?
The beach, a winter storm, a day in the city and... 


#1. The beach

It is no secret that I love the beach. And I tend to go year round- whether the weather is warm and sunshiny in summer or a little overcast in the winter.

Last week, my husband and I snuck away for a few days at the beach- 
in the middle of a winter storm. 
Not ideal right?
But actually, I needed it.  Really needed it. 
Just a few quiet days on the coast listening to the loud crashing of the waves right outside my door.
And the sound of the rain falling at the same time added an entirely new element
 that I loved. 
We slept with the doors open the entire night and listened to the sounds of the waves 
and the rain and even a little thunder and lightning.
If there was ever a doubt that I could live quite happily year round on the coast- there isn't now.
The sea was a little on the angry side with the weather-
 but so inspiring just the same and I definitely 
think I will plan another trip when the weather may not be 
so beach worthy just because.

And this room... seriously. 
A warm fire AND the ocean right outside the door?
 Can I move in? 
A favorite place to vacation for sure.

#2. That storm though...

Seriously. We drove to SF in a torrential down pour of rain. 
As in, flooding on the sides of the road and going slow because you couldn't see anything out the window. 
It wasn't too bad in the city that day, but on the way home it started up again. 
I think it is safe to safe that the drought might be nearing an end and 
that California is the rainforest. :)

#3. A day in SF

 I missed getting to the flower market that morning due to rain but it was a fantastic day of meetings in SF. Did I mention that I  am pretty sure that I work with the best companies out there? 
Exciting things coming.

#4. Whole Foods on my mind

I popped in at Whole Foods on the way home looking for something inspiring to work with... and found a freshly delivered batch of peonies. 
I was going to get just one or two- but the price was great and I know I probably won't be able to get them again until May-ish...

so I brought a bundle of 5 home with me. 
I hope you won't mind a few more table settings and peony photos coming your way.

And that is about it for today's edition of random Saturday!
I am heading out for some exercise before the next rain storm comes- 
see you next week for a closer look at that new old mantel 
and much more.

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  1. I m so crashing on the photos and the peonies. I never get tired looking at them.

  2. We are at the seaside now and the Gulf has been angry. Hubby and I love being by the water and escaping the cold up North. And peonies?? I simply love them so shoot them to your hearts content because I will appreciate each and every photo. We have some beautiful peonies in our garden but we are gone the month they bloom. All I get are sad looking stems that have lost their petals :-( Your photos will remind me of their beauty. Have a beautiful Sunday!

    1. How fun!! And even when the sea is angry it is beautiful isn't it? Sounds like a wonderful escape from the cold!! Of course, you know you will be seeing those peonies again... and again... and again... :)

  3. I love peonies and the color is just amazing... love the wintery view from the window.

    Take care, and be warm.


  4. Looks like an amazing hotel. We are planning a trip to sf in the few weeks. What is the name of the above hotel?

    1. It is actually in Marina which is down the coast from Santa Cruz area- but if that works for you-it is called Sanctuary Resort.

  5. Looks like an amazing hotel. We are planning on staying in sf in the next few weeks. Can you give me the name of the hotel?