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For the love of~ Blue & White

Roses and pink glass on elegant table

Did I ever tell you that I have a slight obsession with transferware?
Just a teeny tiny one...
as in red & white
green & white
 brown & white
 blue & white 
to name just a few.

I've got tureens, platters, mismatched plates, creamers and sugars
and teacups & saucers galore.
And normally, they sit in the buffet deux corps or china cabinet looking exceptionally pretty
but they are brought out for special things like

Flowers in a green and white transferware tureen on mantel

or to incorporate for seasonal accents

Outdoor rock fireplace with blue and white pottery

And sometimes- it is a table setting that you imagine would be perfectly charming
 in blue & white.

Eucalyptus on table with flowers and candles

Of course, table settings with transferware are nothing new
but last week I gave you a peek of my 'Galentines' table setting over at the Wayfair blog
and today, with so many questions about the look -
I am sharing more.

Flowers and candles with eucalyptus on table

I actually styled two tables- one with a cloth and one without.
Rustic tabletops are my thing.
Weathered wood. Crusty paint. Dings and dents in the wood that 
only add to the amazingness of it.

Blue and white tablesetting with twinkle lights in background

Mingling with delicate flowers
and gorgeous decadent china and flatware- it doesn't get much better.
3 different wine stems- because mixing is better than matching
and a bevy of candles and twinkle lights in the tree and it was perfect.

And I will be sharing a closer look of this rustic table setting next week
but today wanted to talk creamy whites... as in creamy, dreamy, embroidered and detailed
pretty whites mingling with blue & white and pinks.

Blue and white table setting with romantic pink and gold accents

What if you are more of a tablecloth kind of girl.
The flatware and elegant china on bare wood just makes you cringe a bit.
Or the thought of setting a table without a cloth- well, forget it.
I hear you. 
So for options and different ideas- 
 I styled the same blue and white dishes 
and gold flatware
and rosy blush flowers
and set the table with crisp white layers underneath.

I will admit that as much as I love the rustic table
sometimes a cloth is perfect. 
Especially when it isn't a cloth at all.

White duvet and bedskirt used as a tablecloth

This is a bedskirt and a duvet layered upon layered on the table 
for sumptuous  romantic charm.

White duvet and bedskirt with tablesetting

Layers with bedskirts and duvet covers are easy
 if you don't take them too seriously. 
You are working with a lot of really decadent fabrics in some cases and they are not going to be perfect and drape perfectly all around your table.
But that is what makes them so amazing.
Their imperfectly perfect look is exactly what makes the look.

A tip?
When using bedding on an outdoor table: Cover the top first.

I like to cover the tabletop with plastic or something like that to protect the linens.
On this particular day- this  outdoor table was wet from days of rain.
While I wiped it down and cleaned it off- I wanted to be cautious even so and
Lay down a plastic table cover or opened garbage bags or what ever you have on hand
and then layer your bedskirt and duvet without concern.

Blue and white dishes with gold flatware

Up next- it was tabletop elements.
Creamy detailed chargers with blue and white dishes.
These are brand new blue & white dishes...
 but they don't all match.
Do you wonder what I am talking about?

Blue and white dishes with gold flatware and pink wine stems

I used 2 sets of Spode blue and white
 in 2 collected patterns.

Blue and white dishes on table for romantic dinner

Each plate is a different theme- or pattern. 
So while they all go together-
 some have blue rims, floral edging and bucolic scenes
and others have geometric edgings, white rims and animal focused patterns.

Blue and white romantic table setting

Mixing and matching while keeping a similar color palette is a perfect way
to get a collected look that is also elegant.
(The center smaller plates are all the same pattern and worked with both.)

For the napkins- I chose something vintage in style.
Absolutely love these little detailed linen napkins.

Vintage style napkins with flowers close up

Mixed glassware, gorgeous garden roses with ranunculus
and wax flower in detailed gold glasses 
and a few sprigs of eucalyptus marching down the table- and it was perfect.

Gold glasses for flower bouquets on table

And that is about it for a sweet, romantic table.
And if rustic is your thing (like me) a closer look at that setting
 is coming your way next week.

You can shop the look here (affiliate links)

And stay tuned for the same table different way 
next week.

Rustic table with blue and white and flowers marching down the center

Coming your way this week- more about the reason I am covered in sawdust over here
and just what is a changing...
plus  a new Country French group tour will be coming your way
and so- Thursdays will be a double posting kind of day on occasion.
Stay tuned for an early morning Thursday post before Feathered Nest Friday goes up.

Hope your long weekend has been great.
I am off for a run...
and then off running to do some errands. 

Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. I could just kick myself from here to the Goodwill and back. I found some red Stradfordshire (?) china in red -- 3 pieces and didn't pick them up. Apparently the lady had used them in hangers so they were unused. They were beautiful but I didn't think I'd use them for my photo shoots -- I'm sure I could have figured out something. ARGH!!!! Your table looks beautiful.

    1. When will we EVER learn to buy what we LOVE and we will ALWAYS find a place or use for them? I've done the same thing many times over!! My mantra is to buy what I love, BUT to get rid of two things in it's place...yeah, right! LOL Beverly Poag

    2. Oh I hear you. Have done that many times- now I err on the side of I *might* need it... or more likely- I * Might* obsess about it haha! ;)

  2. I like the look of the rustic...but I think I couldn't do it....I always use a tablecloth or placemats...
    I have an outside table that is 120"...(long story)...and didn't have a tablecloth...with guests coming for dinner...I needed a tablecloth. I had recently picked up a large remnant...imagine my sheer joy that it was perfect for the table! Even more joy that not knowing for sure what the fabric was that it turned out to be washable! Of course, I might cry because at the dinner one of the guests spilled his wine all over the said cloth. So, I hope that the "wine away" and detergents get that out...the table underneath had "Never wet" on fingers crossed that the cloth survives.

    1. Always seems to happen that way, right? I hope the stain comes out!