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On the patio~ feeling blue

How do you define an 'obsession'? 
Is is because you can't stop thinking about a certain something? 
Or maybe that you see that certain something
because it grabs your attention?

And when you do see it,
 you rationalize that you must bring just one more piece home with you
and that it isn't too much.  There is always room for one more, right?
Because, well... you are obsessed.

 I am okay with that.
I admit it and quite honestly, I have more than a few obsessions.
And sometimes, they start with the most random of all things.
Like a single piece of blue and white pottery.
I have had blue and white planters for years. I love them. And I even had a couple other pieces like that vase and a few thrift store dishes and what not.
But it wasn't enough to really give me the look I wanted.
And so, the obsession started.
The obsession with the blue & white AND with finding those perfect pieces to create the look.

I have been having a love affair with the blues here at French Country Cottage in April.
From blue glass,
 to transferware and Blue Willow
 to a bouquet of ranunculus in a blue planter on the dining room table.
So, naturally, I have been spotting blues and opportunities to add them 
everywhere I go.

 I bumped into these blue and white containers and urns while shopping a few weeks ago
(okay, I didn't 'bump' into them. 
I was looking for them)
But when I found them, 
 I was excited to find 4 different sizes and styles on the shelf.
It was like they were waiting for me.

How could I possibly NOT bring them home?
Especially when they were all marked on clearance.
 And they were the perfect sizes and shapes and bold colors and I swear,
I might have even heard one of them talk to me and say, yes, you need to put us in the cart.

It would have been criminal to leave even one of them behind, right?

But really, I did have a vision for a new look on the patio that started with that original blue pitcher.
I already had a few pieces of blue & white pottery that I had placed on the mantel, 
 but they weren't bringing enough height or the look I wanted.

So enter a few different styles to mix in- some that were just a bit taller 
and some that were more varied in shape.
And they each have a little bit different pattern - but with that same bold and blue coloring.
They were perfect.

The blooms inside of the vase are Snowball Viburnum 
which are actually from a tree- and they are such a vibrant shade of green
much like the green on Granny Smith apples.

I also brought a few more touches of green with rosemary
and boxwood plants and placed in some of the
 blue and white pots that I already had on hand.

I am loving the new brighter, bolder look out here and it is inspiring 
a few other small changes for Spring and Summer.

More on that and the rest of the obsession in another post.

Happy Wednesday everyone.

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  1. You can't go wrong with blue and white and your outdoor fireplace is a perfect spot for those found vases. THey were just callling out to you and now they have a perfect home all together. All summer long you will be looking up there and being grateful that you didn't pass them up. I heard a saying isn't the things you buy that you regret but the things you have passed up. That's happened to me before since I am from a rural town with zero shopping. When I do go to a bigger place and I pass up a pretty object I kick myself when I get back home. So my new philosophy is buy it anyway and you will find a place for it because you love it.

  2. Lovely! I also love blue transferware dinnerware and pottery, love it , love it. It is eye candy for me!

  3. What a beautiful place to relax and enjoy! I love blue and white anything and your obsession is a wonderful one! Awesome pieces, they look stunning on the mantel!

  4. I had the same obsession but then it went away when I moved to a different home. Strange I know but it is so much fun to watch you with your obsession!!!!! Enjoy, it might not last forever.

  5. Beautiful simply beautiful,i love obsesstions,they can be fun.

  6. Your vision and obsession look lovely! Your photographs are gorgeous! I've been seeing a lot of the same blue and white pottery and have purchased a few. My current obsession is with chime clocks and white ironstone along with antique corbels. Awwww. our obsessions with decorating are so.....much fun!

  7. Bonjour chère amie,

    La présence de ces magnifiques céramiques bleues et blanches apporte une belle touche dans le jardin et illumine la pierre.

    ❀ Gros bisous ❀

  8. Oh, don't we need obsessions like bread or water or something eles??? Yes!
    Happy spring and all my best

  9. what a beautiful "obsession"!! love it!! would you mind sharing where you purchased the new vases/urns? thanks!!

    1. You can find them at stores like HomeGoods- I have found tons of different styles and size there. Hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  10. Your snowball bush is about one month ahead of mine up north :)

  11. Wow, what a timely post for me! I have never liked blue and white, grew up with it and have hated any blue in decor ever since. Until now. I don't know what happened, but about a month ago I saw a pin and started over changing my French Country red and white FR to blue and white! We are on the same wavelength! (I even wrote a blog post about my angst!) And your patio looks adorable, by the way! I've been spying a container much like those on Wisteria, might have to buy it now:)


  12. Will you share where you find the great blue and white pieces. They are hard to find these days. I have some great pieces but always looking for more.
    Love your snowball bush. I don't have much sun so it is difficult to grow and I love them so!

    1. Hi Bonnie!
      You can find them in stores like HomeGoods- I have found TONS of them there. Hope that helps!

  13. HI! Where did you buy your wicker lounge chairs? and the blue and cream striped pillows and paisley pillows? Thank you!!! Love the look at exactly what I am trying to do with ours!!