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Mix & Mingle~ Vintage place settings

Have I told you that I have a little love affair with 
vintage dishes?

Flowers and place setting elements on rustic tabletop

I do. 
The cottage kitchen shelves are filled with stacks of different plates 
in various patterns colors & styles.

Sometimes I luck out and find a whole set
but other times
it may be just a couple pretty pieces that come home with me.
And that works- because
I am not one who subscribes to the thought that if you set a table for 25
you need 25 matching place settings every time.

flowers & plates on table

Certainly- that would be amazingly gorgeous to look down the length of the table
and see them all dotting the table- 
but at the same time, 
 I also love to mix and mingle settings and create 
a more 'collected' table.

vintage plates stacked on table

And this post is all about the mix and mingle.

Vintage plates layered on a table

Using vintage in your place settings is really so simple.
You just grab a few pieces that go together in one way or another and start layering.
I chose gorgeous floral edged dinner plates
followed by detailed little salad plates
and then a saucer for the top that had a little more floral love.

Vintage plates layered on table

And the place settings all had something in common
while being different.

Rustic table top with floral plates

There are no rules- just use what you love or what you have in the cupboard.

Flowers this week- 
it is last weeks ranunculus and roses (yes- those roses are blooming away even now)
and a few sprigs of hydrangea for something different.

fresh flowers in gold container on table

There again- mix and mingle what you like and create a centerpiece.
Add a few smaller bouquets to scatter down the length
and for a sprinkling of romance- use those rose petals here and there.

Simple and vintage sweet.

rustic tabletop with flowers and vintage place settings

I am off and running this morning
with a busy day of errands
picking up supplies for a couple makeovers coming your way.

And in case you missed it-
Lowe's and I want to come to YOUR house and 
makeover a space-
and TODAY is the last day to apply.
So don't wait!!

rustic table setting outdoors with vintage plates and flowers

See you tomorrow for Feathered Nest Friday!

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  1. I LOVE this idea! I too love vintage dishes. Whenever the hubby and I travel, one of my favorite things to do is troll through antique shops and thrift stores for china pieces. It is so much fun to take these orphaned pieces and pair them with others to create an entirely new, uniquely beautiful setting. The added plus are the memories that each piece carries with it from the trips my hubby and I have taken. Such a wonderful way to give old china new life.

  2. I always loved the mix and match look of glassware, flatware and plates...wish I had a wider assortment to play with. As always yours is gorgeous!

  3. Courtney
    Your china and glassware are very soft French with delicate floral design, oh so pretty especially the light blue charger or plate. We seem to love the same style and design.
    Beautiful photos, Nancy

  4. You have such a way putting a tablescape together. It looks absolutely beautiful.

  5. Courtney, I mentioned your contest with Lowe's in my blog....take a look. I did the entry on the Lowe's site...don't think you get to see them all...but wanted you to see.....

  6. Simply stunning...

    Have a wonderful day~

  7. I love the mix and match combo of plates you have!

  8. I think I will try to set myself a mixed place setting this weekend