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Chasing Trends

Can we talk about some of the latest and greatest trends out there?
The ones that make you look at your home and wonder why you have been stuck under a rock somewhere and didn't catch the what is hot right now memo?

red checked sofa in bedroom with flowers

The memo that makes you question your choices.
Like that favorite sofa in your bedroom wearing red and white check.
The vintage chandelier instead of the modern pendant that everyone has
and even the coffee table that grandma  gave you 
that you absolutely were 100% sure was love.

I have had several questions from readers about what trends to follow
and what not to follow and how do you know what to do
and so...
starting a new thread here on my blog
answering your questions.
Have questions? Send them over!

First- a disclaimer- I am not a trend 'follower' 
I know you probably already know that but I felt the need to state it

When super skinny jeans first came out-
the kind that you can't even breathe in when you wear.
 I mentioned that I was keeping my boot cut jeans because super skin tight skinny jeans-
well, we just don't get along.
We have a relationship mind you but not a very loving one
and I have a few pairs of skinny capris which I wear often
but those uber tight paint them on skinnies?
Well, I tend to feel like I need to lose 20 pounds when I wear them
(incidentally a good diet motivator)
So I mostly stuck with what I love and feel good wearing.
Boot cut jeans.
They weren't on trend- in fact-they really were soooo last week.
But guess what? 
Boot cut is back, baby.
But even if it wasn't, I would be wearing them.
C'est moi.

french chair at drop down desk in bedroom

The point is, I don't really pay attention to if a
certain Trend that I love is a
trend that is up and coming
the latest and greatest
or a trend that is on it's way out.

 The way I think of trends is
if you like something- you like something. 

That said- trends have a place.

#1. Trends are relevant.
Something new and on trend can infuse vibrancy and newness to a space or wardrobe.
Fresh is gooood.
If you never updated or brought anything new into the mix
it might start to feel stale.

#2. Trends can be perfect for you
 And they offer a TON of inspiration for changes that you maybe
didn't realize you wanted to make.

 I do fall in love with a lot of the trends I see out there
because they speak to me for one reason or another.
It might be something I saw in a magazine
that I absolutely fell in love with- but that also happens to be trending for the moment.
Or maybe it is a touch of modern that I would not otherwise have necessarily noticed
if it hadn't been everywhere and on trend 
but that is making my knees weak just the same.
It may be something that all of a sudden I looked at in a different light.

But have you noticed that the most on trend and best fabrics, furniture, color palette in a room or wardrobe, etc.
are often tied to historically classic looks and designs?
I have noticed a common theme in their designs and wardrobes.
And that is that they take something classic and reinterpret it
to be more fresh color wise or style wise and I have to say-  they. rock. it.
(And just as a side note- totally loving  the colors of the year this year
and bringing them into my home. ) haha!

farmhouse sink with flowers inside and gold scissors on stool

 I find that most often, 
 what I love is also something that has been around for years and years.
Like farmhouse sinks.
Definitely have been trending for years. 
But you know what? 
They have been popular in older homes since back. 
in the early 1900's and have never really gone out of style.
I like vintage.
And pieces with history and memories.
And those are considered 'trendy' from time to time but mostly are just what you like.
To me that is a trend that I love to live with all the time.

bread and cheese on island in vintage kitchen

Here is the thing to remember.
You have to go with what you love or you will never be happy.

Remember when gold was just... gold.  
As in 1980's and 90's brassy gold in the guest bathroom that was... 
so gooooold...
And now... gold is so HOT. 
And my mothers un-remodeled bathroom? 
It is back in fashion. 
But the thing is- she always liked the gold-
so she didn't change it.
And that is the point.
Ask yourself if what ever it is that is trendy
that you are crushing on
is YOU.
Like you found your style right there and you want to curl up with it and get married.
If yes- go for it!
If you would like it now just because it is HOT for the moment
you don't have to love it or leave it-
just rethink a big commitment and bring the color, style, etc
in with accessories, new wall color or a single piece of furniture.

white sofas and vintage furniture in cottage living room

And remember that just because you have that basic white slipcovered sofa
 (ahem, raising my hand)  it doesn't make your room 'so last week.' 
If that sofa makes you happy- then it means you chose something you love and can live with every day that works for you.
On trend or not.

To be completely honest, I definitely do see a lot of trends out there in the design world 
and in blogs that I absolutely love and that I want to bring into my home-
it is a matter  of interpreting those trends to fit YOU best.
And I will delve further into what I took note of at Las Vegas Market last week
because I wandered the whole market (just ask my feet!)
noticing what inspired me.

My down to the basic thought advice for the readers who asked what to do:

If that trend/style/composition gives you a fluttering in your chest 
and makes you giddy and weak in the knees when you see it? 

Yes, bring it home and love it 
 and enjoy it.

farmhouse sink in kitchen with flowers

 Because my number one rule for design or following trends or anything else-
 if something makes you happy when you walk in the room-
 it is exactly perfect.

Have a question about something? 
and you just may see your question tackled right here 
on my blog.

Hope your week is off to a great start.

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  1. You are so so so right! Trends are fun to watch and get some ideas from....but in the end, it's what makes you happy. Sometimes, people need to wade through some trends to find what they love...but no matter what, in the end, it's what you love that makes a home.

    1. Totally. I love to bring in bits of this and that that are definitely on trend- or see what trends catch my eye- and incorporate them in my own way. Thanks for stopping by Nancy!

  2. Oh my, I totally agree! I'm so not a trendsetter either. I decorate my way and wear things that I love! Great post!!

    1. Even trendsetters can be trendy with their classic look- they don't have to be showing the latest and greatest. So you are a trendsetter in what represents your taste! :)

  3. You're hilarious! I for one hope skinny jeans never go out of style because they highlight my best asset. I find trends too tiresome for me, personally. I prefer using natural metals, which only look better with time and traditional elements that never go out of style. Sometimes I can hardly muster the energy to make the first change, let alone to do it again in a few years when it's out-of-date. I love this post, well stated!

    1. I love your style and would say that natural and traditional is something that you definitely do notice about it. Thanks for stopping by Julie!

  4. WELL-said Courtney, couldn't agree with you more!

  5. Great post - and I completely agree with you! Yes, I sometimes find myself liking things that are trendy but I won't just choose something because it is trendy. One of my neighbors changed all her door hardware to oil rubbed bronze a few years ago and when I told her I wasn't changing mine, she 'gently implied' that my brass hardware was dated. Well, too bad. It never bothered me and it was in great shape. I much rather would have spent the money on other things. Now that gold is 'trendy' again, I wonder if she will change hers back - lol!

    1. Well, if she changed it because she really loves the look- than she will be a- okay with it! It really is all about choosing the trends that work for you and embracing them! Thanks for stopping by Shelley!

  6. Trends don't work for me. I do what works for my home full of antiques with their stories...the horse hair sofa belonging to my husband's great grandmother, the iron bed bought by Mr. and Mrs. Cokely for their wedding night or the rocking chair Great Aunt Ruth bought for her first home in the early 1930's. Does it all match? To my eye it does; it matches beautifully because the stories holding it all together are knitted and woven with love.

    1. Love love love that- and I totally agree. And matching can be over rated in my opinion. ;) Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Yes about the skinny jeans! I am with you except that I got them to wear with boots and the stretch in them is magic. I also saved my gaucho pants from about 8 years ago and they came back in style this year, as I knew they would!! Cause they are so comfy and flattering and make sense :) I'm mostly form over fashion anyway but do like to adopt trends when they are fun and work for me too. Appreciate your post!

    1. Oh yes- do love skinny jeans (mostly capris over here) with boots and heels! And totally agree- if something is the fit for you- it is perfect.

  8. Hi Courtney, great advice....I'm not into trends when it comes to my home...I like what I like and that makes me happy, it's just like you said you have to walk into your home and feel good and happy because of the things you love....trends come and go it's just important that you love your surroundings and surround yourself with what you truly love....


  9. Excellent post, Courtney! I find your style classic and refreshing. Trendy just doesn't do it for me! I so appreciate your design aesthetic and point of view. Thanks!

  10. I'm not one who can afford to change with trends. I like to take basics and then decorate them up. I have always collected white basic pitchers and kitchen decor. I'm still using some stoneware pitchers I've had for 20 years. Add flowers according to the season. I add ribbons or lace. I cluster and group. They hold pens and scissors on my counter and wooden spoons on my stove. Spoons at my coffee station and napkins on my table.
    Just a start with many other items I have collected over the years that come out and get put up, depending on my style that month. And don't get me started on my vintage glassware. ..
    So just like fashion, wait, it all comes back in style again.

  11. Courtney thankyou. I'm an antique lover from way back. It's probably in my European genes. It was a hobby of mine in my 20s and 30s, to buy old clapped out pieces, strip them, sand them back and refinish them. What makes me laugh now, is that everyone is doing as was done in the 60s and 70's, buying those painstakingly restored pieces or their vintage cousins, and painting them white or French Grey, or green, and distressing them, so that they look like the pieces I was stripping and restoring, thirty years ago. As you have said, I wonder whether that too, will come full circle? I have some beautiful pieces. Have I been tempted to do the whole 'paint it all white' French Country Look that you and others do so well? You betcha! Being a Francophile of the first degree, how could I not be tempted? But then I remember, that the homes of my French friends, do not look like that. They have a personality all their own, whether it be an IKEA coffee table, covered in a quasi-religious collage with 'Merde!' slapped across it banner style as living room centrepiece, or vintage quilts in rose satin with antique china dolls and winged dressers. I've never yet been in the home of a French person, that looked as so many of us imagine 'French Style' to be. So firstly I agree...have what you love in your home. Secondly, my question is, how do you then inject that certain je neis sais quoi, without going all white? Love your blog and am an avid reader, but don't comment much. Shy ;-) Mimi xxx

    1. Love your thoughts Mimi! And so much that I can relate to as well. So many styles are what we think they are- but in reality it is a mix and match of different things that work well together. Some old, some new, some modern some vintage. It is all about what you love. I will add your question to the list! :)

  12. HI Courtney, everything in one way or another is a trend in designs we will never get away from that.
    Just when we think we are inspired by a great idea, color theme, art and home design we see it grow in popularity and then once again a trend follows.
    It's like white sail cloth it made its way to slip covered sofas and it was all the trend that every sofa purchased had to have sail cloth, or canvas duck.
    I try to never follow the hot trends, I just listen to the homes space and let it evolve with pieces gathered and collected.
    In any case, with so many design styles out there one way or another we feed into the latest design trends.
    This is what the design markets count on, good marketing sells trends.

    Love your style, and have watched it evolve into the beauty it has become through the years.

    Ps... I wear skinny jeans lol ! When we thought they were on there way out, a big comeback forced themselves back into our wardrobe closets.
    See you and all you inspire soon.

  13. Loved the message in this post and I think your last sentence sums it up quite perfectly, "if something makes you happy when you walk into a room it is exactly perfect." I live in France and yet my house is a mixture of styles, it is certainly not all vintage French, it is a juxtaposition of English antique pieces, French pieces with some modern features all mixed up in a 250 year old farmhouse and it works, mostly because as a family we love it.

    1. Love that! A mixture of styles, new and vintage and everything is what makes a room and home vibrant and interesting.

  14. Love the not-so-trendy styles in clothes or decorating! When everything else looks the same, it's completely refreshing to find something classic but different. Great post!

  15. GREAT POST--so very insightful! As I tell my 11 year old granddaughter, be yourself. There is room for all sorts of styles, and we are all unique in what ours is.

  16. I think it takes great discipline to not wander and want to incorporate every new style into your home. I always admired how to stick to your style.

  17. It's funny that you bring the topic of trends up this week, Courtney, because I've been pondering the same subject myself. As someone who's always collected vintage and even studied historical design in grad school, I frequently see how what's old is so often what's new. If well done, the reinterpretations can be stunning. Timeless designs never really go out of style. But I wholeheartedly agree ~ take what you like and leave the rest behind. Stick with what you absolutely love, and you'll be the happier for it.

    Wonderful and very timely post!!

    Best to you,

  18. So true!! I have never been one to follow trends - I can't possibly justify swapping out my decor with every new trend that comes along. However, by keeping my biggest pieces neutral I can swap out accessories to make things fresh with a new season, trend, or mood. That helps my house feel current to me....and makes me happy as I do like a new look every so often!

  19. Great advice and great topic!! I so agree with everything you said, I also can't follow trends in my own home. I love what I love and if its on trend great if not oh well. I almost find it stressful to "keep up with the trends" there's just too much and too often!! I do admire from afar and if I LOVE it I might incorporate it into my style. But for the most part I just admire from magazines and the internet :)

    Lauren | Lovely Decor