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Why I tell my husband he doesn't need to buy roses for Valentine's Day to be romantic

Yes, you read that correctly.

Roses and peonies with rosemary in glass vase

The admittedly obsessed and slightly over the top 
queen of flowers and all things romantic
tells her husband to walk right on by the flowers at Valentine's Day.

It probably isn't what you think. 

You see, Valentine's Day is a big occasion for making those sweetheart
loves of our lives feel like they need to do something big and different
than any other day of the year to show us how much they care.

Usually in the form of
Heart shaped chocolates in pretty red and pink boxes.
Dozens of roses wrapped in a ribbons
Diamonds, Tiffany's jewelry or maybe even a new handbag
Roses and peonies in blue and white pottery on counter

But there is a sneaky sort of thing that happens about this time every year
with all those pretty blooming beauties that talk to me  every day at the market.

Oh they definitely talk to me just the same and just as loudly as always...
but they talk to me with a
double or triple
price tag.

It is a pet peeve of mine that retailers raise rose pricing so much for 2 weeks around Valentine's Day.
Do I love those pretty Valentine's roses even so?
Of course I do- roses are some of my favorite flowers but I almost always them all behind
 during the first part of February.

I like to think of living romantically as something that happens all year long
rather than just one day of the year.
And I am lucky to enjoy fresh flowers in my home year round
 for photography and styling projects
and yes, my husband does bring them home on occasion during the year as well.

  So the other night I reminded him that he doesn't need to pick up roses
at the market to be romantic.
 If he wants to - of course, I will love them and enjoy them.
But I don't feel he needs to pay 3x more than he should have
 because he is guilted into it.
(incidentally, I am happy to guilt him into something else if he would like...
 like...maybe that antique mirror I have my eye on)
I would rather celebrate our love with a romantic getaway, a date night
or even notching off a long standing project around the house
which is definitely a way to say I love you, right?

Living room sofa with fire glowing in the background and flowers

Anyway, as my flower department girl and I were chatting about the roses in my cart the other day
and what else was coming in soon- she quietly tipped me off
that this weekend was when those Valentine's roses prices were going up.

So, Flower Market Friday tips this week:

If you need/want roses in the next week- go NOW and get them.
Tomorrow they will likely be much higher in price.

For the next 2 weeks avoid temptation to pay more for roses than you need to...
 unless you simply cannot stop yourself. 
Like if ruffled garden roses come in- forget everything I said-
they are coming home with me.
 (the struggle is real)
Instead load up on hydrangeas, stock, ranunculus, tulips, etc.
and bring those home to enjoy for a change.

Peonies and roses on counter with herbs and gold scissors

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

And on a side note:
I am aware of the many issues with Feedburner, comments and what not right now
and I do apologize. It is frustrating the you know what out of me.
Working on a few things behind the scenes trying to get things figured out
for smooth sailing again.

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  1. Roses are my favorite flower but they are expensive! My mom grows roses though so I can get my fill of them during the summer. :)
    Kiersten @ Autumn Country Girl

    1. They definitely are. Here in California they are well priced all year long- except for two weeks in February. Garden roses are the best- they smell sooo good!! Thank you for stopping by!

  2. I tell my husband the exact same thing. It's ridiculous how much they raise the prices.

    1. I don't get it. I think they would sell even more if they left as is or just raised the prices only a few dollars- but double and triple is crazy.

  3. Totally agree. We have an agreement! My birthday is a week after and we save the roses for that (minus the $50 surcharge!)

    1. Right?! That Valentine's surcharge is crazy. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I'm with you! My anniversary happens to be that same weekend and I tell him all the time...avoid the florist. On occasion he has sent white roses to me, for special years, and they are spectacular, but like you, I would rather have a kindness and romance all year long! Besides, I am a huge fan of the grocery store tulip bunch and he bring those home once a week...all good!

    1. White roses are soo beautiful!! I am a year round romantic for sure. And I do love flowers anytime my husband brings them home- but he definitely shouldn't feel the need to pay 3x as much Valentine's week. :) Thanks for stopping by Kim!

  5. Yes...I tell my hubby the same thing....and I am with you...I would love something for the house rather than flowers on Valentine's Day....Got my eye on something too...I hope the mirror finds it way home to you....and on another note, I have always had trouble with had to switch to a paid subscription service and have been very happy!

  6. Well said.
    I am much happier with a little DIY help anyhow.
    I can buy my own roses ;)

  7. I totally agree. I have received a lot of flowers over the years since my husband and I met and I adore them, especially yellow roses. Now, I would rather have a dinner out or, perhaps, a movie date!

  8. I feel the same way! I could have written this same post...if I had a blog, haha

  9. So true...and white tulips are my favorite...much cheaper too!

  10. I worked in a florist shop and the first year was shocked at how the prices went up. The prices are way too high to begin with in my opinion but at Valentines it is horrible!! I would like something for the house better too! Love going out to dinner for a nice, romantic night. Have a beautiful weekend.

  11. I'm with you -- romance should be daily!! I love hydrangeas and daisies and peonies!! So, for this time of year I'll forget the roses and hubby does so many other "nice" things for me. Have a beautiful weekend.

  12. Very well put ! I just mentioned to my husband a few days ago that instead of cut flowers, I would love a new rose to plant. I would rather have something I can enjoy year after year. Plus every time I cut a bloom off its a reminder of a sweet gift.

  13. If you are a member - you can always get a beautiful bunch of roses at Costco and they don't gouge you price-wise! They are my go-to for roses... even bought some today for 15.99 and they are gorgeous!!! #CostcoDoesRosesRight

  14. Have a friend that’s a Florist, it’s the wholesalers that put the price up. I do see her exhausted at the end of the day, though! There is such demand, they work their guts out, I have to take her some lunch! It’s the same on Mother’s Day, etc. I grow roses, in our cottage garden, so rarely buy them. We do order lots of flowers for our parties though, as they are biodegradable, unlike balloons, that end up strangling wildlife in the waterways. After our parties we give the flowers to guests that were helpful, plus the hospital and nursing home.

  15. Roses are 19.99 thus week at Fresh Thyme Market, tulips are 4.99 for a dozen. I'd rather have the tulips! Here in MN, I need something springy to get me through 2 more months of winter.