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Why I took the kitchen cupboard doors off

When we moved into our house- 
our kitchen looked nothing like it does now.

It wasn't fresh and crisp and clean
it didn't have marble counters or a farmhouse sink
or those chandeliers or island.

It was more on the *ahem* shall we say
'rustic' side?

It had red plastic knobs, a ceiling fan for lighting and an old cast iron sink
with a wall faucet and vent in the cupboard below.

You can see that it is the same kitchen in many ways-  those original cupboards
are the same even now- though a few things have changed obviously.
And one of them would be that upper cupboard on the end by the window.

I shared a bit abut this story a few years ago
but after a couple questions- thought I should share again for those who 
may have missed it or are new to my blog.

You see, this kitchen and those cupboards are all original to the house.
1940 vintage- wearing layers of white paint
 and a ton of original charm.
But being that they were the original cabinets- they also weren't perfect.
They didn't like to stay closed. 
They weren't built perfectly square, they had layers of paint and painted on hinges
and that end cupboard door had a little bit more of an issue functioning as a door
 than the others.

It looked just like the other doors- six in all across the top.
Except that this one was cracked down the center and broken. 

I decided to tinker with it- thinking it would be fixable
but when I took the door off...

I had an epiphany.

Open shelves.

You see, inside those cupboards are the plank knotty pine walls - perfect as a backdrop.
And they are full thick pine construction- 
not particle board or chip board- so they would paint  up perfectly.

So I decided to go ahead and paint them-
 and add that little curved piece to the top in a non-traditional sort of way...
tracing a platter, cutting it out with a jigsaw
and caulking it into place. 
I am available all week. 

To keep the kitchen symmetry- with the 3 doors on each side of the sink, 
I took the other end door off and did the same thing. 

I realize I could have had the door repaired (and it is in the basement)
but I absolutely love the way that the cupboards turned out
with the display spaces and plate racks.
And I also realized that I don't think I ever shared the story of the range hood
and how that came to be. 
You see, this kitchen and our house has a story that is full of twists and turns
and bits of randomness that needed to be polished up. 
And the range area was one of them- more coming soon.

So what do you think?
 Would you have taken the doors off 
or fixed the broken one and called it good?

You can read more about the plate racks- HERE
and the original open shelf post- HERE 

This week I have been spending some time working (and playing )
in Half Moon Bay and of course- I had to stop in at the flower market and load up 
as we drove by.
I snapped a few photos as I wandered around and I bought the most amazing ranunculus ever
(it is different than these- but aren't they gorgeous?)

I will be sharing a peek soon.

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  1. I love epiphanies!....and yes, you did the right thing by taking off the cabinet doors..they truly lend to the kitchen being more charming....with a capital "C" ... Love your gorgeous kitchen!

  2. Love the way you did this. I am looking for a new house and hope that I can see the potential of what CAN be even if no one else can. :)

  3. You've done such a great work, adding even more charm to your kitchen, dearest Courtney !

    Have alovely day, today, sending hugs to you across the many miles,
    with so much thankfulness

  4. You really made the kitchen your own by taking off the doors. It looks gorgeous.

  5. Your kitchen turned out gorgeous, I love the vintage look and feel, I think I would have left the doors off the open selves look beautiful, your kitchen to me is picture perfect...


  6. You absolutely did the right thing!! It's totally amazing, and I can't stop staring at it!

  7. I love your kitchen! What a transformation!

  8. Wow , the kitchen in unrecognizable! It's turned out gorgeous, I love the vintage look and feel, I think I would have left the doors off the open selves look beautiful, your kitchen to me is picture perfect.

  9. beautiful kitchen, i love the 'no cupboard door' look!