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Random Weekend

Happy weekend.

I cannot believe that it is almost April.
It really seems like this year has been zooming by already.
And this week has been filled with busy work, planning work and a little bit of fun.

Makeover progress

The makeover was in full swing... moving and shaking...  
until we hit a snag.
The wood walls are up, wrapped up one coat of paint and even fixed the crazy floor
 issue that we had.
 And just when I finally started getting the new lighting put together... 
I realized there were a few missing pieces. 
So back to the waiting game on the replacement parts to arrive.

Here is a peek and I will be sharing a few sneak peek photos of the walls-
 and the 'shade of white' color we chose.

Somebody watching me

This is what happens when I sit on the sofa and try to work on the computer.  
I get that feeling that someone is watching me... this sweet little rescue dog has nestled right into our homes and hearts already.

ruffles and bows

I have officially turned into one of 'those' people who put little baby bows on their dog.
And she is also wearing a Minnie Mouse inspired harness- complete with ruffles. 

And I have no shame... I love it.

Pop of Color on the Patio

A burst of fresh color for a fresh look on the patio-
 I am talking color and how to refresh your patio for spring and summer 
with a pop of pizazz over at the 
Design Happy Blog  this week.

Keeping Cool

Gearing up for summer entertaining- and summer heat? 
Ceiling fans are hugely popular for doing the trick- but fans of the past left a lot to be desired...
 but not any more.

Talking about ceiling fans 
and the outrageous amount of amazing choices and styles that are available now- 
all over at the  Lamps Plus blog  this week.

And here are a few other favorites this week:
Loving this new fabric from a sweet friend
and love this curvy chair makeover 

My oldest son and his girlfriend are up for a visit this weekend- 
 so I am off to get a little work done before taking some time to play this afternoon. 
Wishing you a beautiful weekend and blessed Easter.

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  1. Awwwww so cute!!!! I'm thinking the Doxie was your son's? She'll have a warm and loving home, yesh, I want to cuddle her myself. One of our little dogs ( a chihuahua ) came up to my husband at work and adopted him:)
    Are you installing shiplap?
    Have a Blessed Easter with your family and the new darling little member:)
    Kathletes in Az

    1. Hi Kathleen!
      Yep, Mr. Weenie is my grand dog :) He lives with us also- and this sweet girl is a 5 year old rescue who recently joined the family. I love chihuahuas- they are so incredibly sweet and we miss our chi so much.
      As far as the wood walls- nope- we are not doing shiplap ;)
      Wishing you a beautiful Easter as well!