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Easy Elegant Flower topped cake {and a video}

It is no secret that I have a huge love affair with fresh flowers...
so it was only natural when baking a cake the other day
that those pretty lilacs and tiny spray roses I had just picked up came to mind for the topping.

I might be a little on the crazy side with some ideas and designs sometimes...
but this cake? Well, call me crazy, but I am crazy in love with how it turned out.

It all started with a table setting that I was working on for a photography project that involved
some of my favorite delicate detailed dishes and pretty blue stemware.

I am seriously obsessed with how elegant and pretty these plates look- and especially love them against the rough texture of the bare weathered wood. 

Along the center of the table, a few sprigs of fresh eucalyptus and just a couple small glasses filled with flowers mixed in here and there.
And then there is that flower topped cake mingling as well.

I am slightly obsessed with naked cakes- which are those cakes that are very lightly frosted or not at all frosted other than in between the layers. 

Love the look of them- and they are perfect for topping with fresh clipped flowers 
for beautiful presentation. 
After baking and frosting and stacking and frosting the cake layers again- 
I chose lilac and spray garden roses for the adornment.  

NOTE: Not all flowers are edible. 
And not all parts of edible flowers are edible.

Make sure to do your research before placing any type of plant or flower on any food to make sure you are good to go with serving it and eating it.

And make sure to wash your flowers thoroughly and pat dry before placing them on your cake.
Then start layering bits of each on top until you get the look you like. Seriously the easiest and prettiest cake to make for a special occasion. 

And in my attempt at delving into the world of YouTube- I also made a quick video showing more details on how to do it- 
please click on over to watch. 

Happy Wednesday everyone! 

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  1. I recall editing an article back in the '80s about edible flowers, which were all the rage. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  2. Beautifully delicious and thank you for the video as well. Cheers, Ardith

  3. Very pretty! I have to say, since I have been reading your blog and loving all your table settings, I am finding myself checking out (more than I used to) all the glassware & dishes when I am out thrifting. I even bought a set of 6 gorgeous wine/water glasses the other day (they have white roses outlined in gold, I already had wine glasses but not pretty ones.) Now I am keeping my eye out for pretty white plates. But since I rarely cook OR have anybody over for dinner, guess I will set the table and just look at it, LOL. Tho I do drink a glass of wine or 2 on occasion. :D

  4. I am in LOVE!!!! I would have never though to make a cake like this, but it is darling!
    Tiffany @

  5. Elegant cake! Will have to try it.

  6. Lovely ! Where did you purchase the lace dishes?
    Please I'm obsessed with them.

  7. STUNNING cake - too pretty to cut! And loved the vid - hope you make lots more. It was very well done.

    Your tablescape with this gorgeous cake is breathtaking. You are so danged talented. ♥

  8. Just beautiful. And I love the idea of a "naked cake" as I don't care for all that frosting!

  9. Lovely I would like to try the naked cake.

  10. I love the "naked cake" concept! My granddaughter is having one made for her wedding in October! I'm liking the not so much frosting too. I made wedding cakes, back in the '70s and '80s...frosting was made with Crisco and powered sugar...really good, but sweet! Hey, that was the rage! LOL I also placed real flowers on wedding cake too. To quote francetaste: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  11. I have done many a wedding cake and others with real flowers or artificial. Totally makes cents to have the beauty and not the calories....lovely photos....Thank you, Sandi

  12. You cake is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing the video.