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Easy World Map Wallpaper Chest {and a video}

A chippy chest of drawers
a pretty purple and pink map

and a whole new look.

There once was a chippy old painted chest of drawers
that was ready for a makeover.
But not a permanent makeover.
Just a fun new look for a bit.

Though I love the patina on this old chest-
we decided to refresh it a bit  for my daughters room.

And I wanted to refresh it in a
'I can change it back if I want to' 
way rather than with paint
which is a bit of a  bigger commitment when dealing with patina.
And that chippy shabby patina- well, I love it.
So this piece is definitely something I didn't want to paint
and change completely.

So I ordered this awesome peel and stick wallpaper that is a HUGE world map in pretty
pinks and purples.
And decided to try it.

A few battles with the wallpaper sticking it to itself
 and the not plumb, not straight and in no way shape or form same size drawer fronts
try to get ALL of that lined up
30 minutes later...
and it turned out like this.

It isn't perfect of course- 
because this chest of drawers is a little on the wonky side and wasn't perfect to begin with
and I did not paper the frame boards in between the drawers.
SO basically...
 if you were stuck on a desert island with this chest
 and used the drawer fronts to navigate?

Well, you might get lost.

But if you are looking for a fun and easy way to make over a dresser 
 this is a great way to do it.
And I shared the whole process in a video.

I want to thank you all SO much for all of your kind comments 
and for clicking the 'thumbs up' 
on my first video for Wayfair last week. 
I appreciate it so much. 
It is not easy to put yourself out there in front of a camera 
and you guys made it so much easier.

So here is the video for week #2-
 click on over to YouTube to watch

  Wallpapering a Chest of Drawers

I hope you like it and if you do
I would absolutely appreciate a 'thumbs up' over there
if you are so inclined. 

Let me know what you think!

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  1. What should I say? IT IS BEAUTIFUL

  2. Great video! Love the fanning while waiting for the piece to dry after cleaning! 😊

  3. This is so beautiful and unique and I love it!! xo Catherine

  4. What a great idea! And I have just the piece of furniture for it! Great inspiration Courtney. And the wallpaper is from Wayfair?

  5. What an adorable idea! I love it! It looks marvelous.

  6. I love the idea, and it looks awesome!! Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Love this. I have always wanted to do something with maps. Great ideas. Thanks.

  8. It is beautiful! Where is the wallpaper from? I have the perfect piece for it!

  9. I like that idea a lot....what a great way covering up the top of the dresser

  10. I went to the Wayfair site and looked at all the peel and stick wallpapers!! Wow! There are 5 pages of wallpapers and decals...amazing! Thanks for letting us know about their wallpapers and