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Random Weekend

Yesterday, and the day before that and the day before that even...

I jumped in and did the 500 squat challenge.
No, maybe more like the 5000 squat challenge. Along with the best focused arm workout I have had in a while. But it wasn't a big thing on my fitness goal list or a Friday gym class or anything like that. 

It is called a bathroom renovation.

Bathroom changes


That is about all I have to say about the ugh that was behind the walls and under the floor. 
And the up and down, wax on wax off, amount of repetitive work that comes with tiling.
We had a leak, so a lot of the original bathroom could not be kept as was
 which honestly is making me a little sad. 
But the good news- everything is fixed. 
The tiling is almost wrapped. 
And the new tile? 
Well.....I am in love with it. 
Here is a peek. With peonies of course.

That project has basically been eating up the whole week...
but there is a little bit more randomness to share.

Taking a break from baking

Basically, the oven has joining the dishwasher and refrigerator...
 in the lemon category.

We have replaced the range control board 2x in 3 years  (and this is only a 3 year old stove) 
and though we are able to use the burners on top- have reached that point of just shopping for all new appliances for the kitchen.

So, would love your opinions on what the best is out there from your experience in kitchen appliances. Because, honestly, this brand should have been a great one- and 2 out of the 3 appliances we have are that brand- and not working properly. So, consumer reports- not so accurate all the time.

Surprise Party

Last weekend, my sister, one of my dads my daughter and I quietly put together a surprise birthday party for my mom. With about 25 of her closest friends, her favorite catered food and mini sombrero's all around because- my mom loves a good fiesta. 

I am putting together a few photos and will share some tips and tidbits-but as to how the surprise went over- I will leave you with this:
 My mom was like a detective. 

Outdoor dining

Tis the season for dining alfresco 
 and if you are looking for a new dining table and chairs for outdoor living this summer-
 I am sharing a few ideas over at Lamps Plus Style Illuminated.

Happy Weekend everyone.

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  1. That tile is beautiful. Chapeau! Are they all separate--the little squares between the rectangles? If so, double chapeau!
    On stoves, I LOVE induction. We switched a few years ago from gas to electric as part of upgrading our furnace and getting rid of the propane tank. VERY happy. It is as flexible as gas--actually much easier to fine-tune than my gas burners were. And much safer. It uses magnets to generate heat, so if you turn it on and put your hand on the burner, nothing happens. Or a dishcloth. Or a plate. You have to have induction-compatible pots and pans (which meant my copper pans went into a box in the basement, though my Creuset dutch oven was fine). But my new ones, from Cristel, take up a quarter of the space and are intended to be used for life, or longer. I fully intend to pass them down. I have a Falcon "piano" with five induction burners, two ovens and a broiler. Falcon has some retro-style stoves that aren't nearly as pricey as Lacanche or AGA. The only thing I don't like is that the oven racks don't slide out easily.

  2. Enjoyed you Romantic Home Feature issue on the stands this month, and I am never disappointed to see all your romantic beauty.
    Enjoyed my visit will see you soon.


  3. Happy Birthday to your mom. Best wishes on finishing up your bathroom project in a timely fashion. The tile certainly looks lovely. Cheers, Ardith

  4. Boy I really don't know what to tell you. We bought GE Profile and had some issues with the double oven but other than that it's been working well. What I would do is write down what you like to cook and your needs. I would never go without a double oven -- one being convection. Now, I wish our gas stove had five burners -- that's just because we cook a lot. I really don't know there is a 100% foolproof appliance. That is when you get it, it won't have any issues. Your kitchen is gorgeous and your mom is going to have a great birthday party. Looking forward to hearing about it -- we are invited, right??

  5. Your bathroom title looks great, as do the peonies! Such a bummer about your kitchen appliances,hope you did not lose freshly bought groceries because of the refg., if I was to buy a stove I would want it to be gas and would look at these first I saw the prices and OMG, they seem to have all sizes and I have seem them at Williams and Sonoma, but I do a lot of baking though. Would love to hear on what you decide though. ;)

  6. I feel your pain on the appliances. We purchased Kitchen Aid, some 12 years ago....we got a combo oven, one being the microwave (to keep it off the counter), and that was the biggest mistake...don't buy a combo. If you buy a double oven, maybe buy two separate (if you can) and install them so that if something happens, one can be replaced instead of the whole thing. We have now been without a microwave for about 10 years. The magnetron went out on the microwave twice...we didn't replace it the second time...$250-300 ! As far a stoves, the more powerful, the more venting is watch for that. Ours is KitchenAid, one of the lighters no longer works on a burner, (we now just use a lighter when using that burner. The Refrigerator is threatening a walk out, and it too is the same make and year as the others.
    The BEST dishwasher, rated by appliance repairmen, is Bosch. Our Kitchen Aid dishwasher died a week after its warranty, so we went to Bosch. Hands Down the BEST. Less water, less electricity, cleaner dishes. We recently had a repair man for that, the hoses needed replacing (160 degree heat will hurt plastic drain pipes) BUT it has an emergency pump that came on....keeping the wood floor safe! Yes. And, if you need a new hot water heater.....go tankless....we just had an emergency there (see my post) and though it takes 1 minute for hot water to get to the tap, our electricity and gas dropped on the bill.
    Good luck on your search. OH! There is a store called Pirch.....check them out...seriously. Best appliance collection (and sinks etc) and they deliver and install....

  7. Just did a kitchen reno about a year ago... Bosch appliances and Jenn Air as we could not get what we always wanted in Bosch. Well, what can I tell you.....I read, read, reread.....went to shows, went to demos, etc. I looked at what people wanted if one is selling one's thing was a Steam Oven. I know a chef in town who told me they do not EvEr use their microwave now as they LOVE their steam oven...........I am going to pay him to come teach us as I would not buy a steam oven again, at this point. My other appliances have been fine. I cannot have gas at this home so I bought an induction cooktop.....I love it.. research it if you do not know what it is. I love my pull out fridge and freezer drawers in our bar area. I also got an undercounter fridge ( also have full size ) in our kitchen and I wish I had spent the extra money for the pull out drawers. We kept our Kenmore full size French fridge as it was almost new. I HaTe Stainless steel so at this very moment we are covering the front with ceiling thin type metal from Home Depot.........painted the rest with Annie Sloan Chalk paint. My friends have a new fridge that is the French style but they have a drawer......would like this much better...they love theirs...... another friend is currently redoing her entire house. She is getting the G.E. Monogram large range ( would be glad to let you know what she thinks but it will be awhile, as reno just started ). I don't know that there is a perfect solution, like someone else said. We visited Wolf several times but it was just too expensive for us. I have all heard to stay away from Viking now... not the same as it used to be. Love all my Bosch appliances except for Steam Oven and I think it is just because we do not know how to properly use it. Have an undercounter microwave and like it...first time I have had one...also have a warming drawer that I have never had. I need to remember and use it more...have proofed bread with great results. Don't know that any of this helps but all input is better than none. I love your blog even though I seldom comment. Curious......Post...........How are you going to do HighPoint when you live in CA and they are in NC??????? Hugs, CeCe