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How to mix vintage and new pieces for collected charm

'Something old... something new' 
It is a saying you have probably heard many times that is part of a wedding rhyme-
but that isn't all.

It is also a perfect mantra for decorating your home as well.

The best rooms in your home are ones that reflect you.
Those trinkets on the coffee table that you picked up on your vacation to Europe
that once in a lifetime score found on Craigslist
seashells collected on your honeymoon 
or maybe it is your grandmothers table in the living room
 that reminds you of her every time you see it.

Antiques and collected treasures add an abundance of charm to your home.
And they 'talk'
which is definitely what you want your rooms to do.
When someone walks in and says
'Where did you find that amazing piece?' 
it is a conversation starter.

Like these antique mirrors that I shoved into my sisters jeep
on our girls trip to San Diego for Comicon. 
Every time I see them-
 I think about finding them that day in that salvage shop.

And this mirror.
This was the mirror that was found in that old abandoned antique store
that was literally falling down
that had a sign at the door warning to Enter At Your Own Risk.
I entered obviously. And remember it like it was yesterday.

And what about that Buffet Deux Corps that I found on Craigslist
and the story about how by chance it became mine?

They are all collected pieces that tell a story of style.

Think of how boring a room would feel if it looked like a room set up in a store
with only new pieces from the store.
A showroom look but one with only pieces that are new.
It would feel like it is lacking a bit of something.

And that something would be YOU.

The best rooms should tell a story. 
YOUR story.
They should reflect you and your style, personality and favorite things. 

When you take some of those new pieces like sofas or chairs for example 
and you add that knit blanket you have had since you were 2
and the old needlepoint pillows that your aunt made
or that footstool with 7 layers of fabric that was your great-grandmothers 
and has been handed down through the years...
that is when the room comes to life.

A crazy story and a favorite conversation piece
as well as being an integral part of the design of the room and sitting area.

But on the other side
 rooms filled with just vintage or antique pieces
can feel a little dated or like a museum 
which is definitely not the look most of us are going for.
And let's be honest,
 vintage furniture is not always the most practical for using as primary pieces.
That sofa that looks amazing -
but that feels like a bag of concrete or is just hard to comfortable on when you sit on it ?
Probably not the best for the family room and relaxing for movie night.
Or those dainty French chairs by the fireplace?
Love love love- but probably not the best for daily use.

So the way to get the best of both worlds
with all the charm and personality of old and the functionality of new?

 Mix it up.

Something old... something new 
pretty much sums up one of my favorite looks.

In the living room-
 it is the vintage bench used as a coffee table- charm, patina
with the new white slipcovered sofas- sit down sink in comfortable seating.

And out on the patio- 
mingling with all the new pieces from the patio refresh
is an old coffee table covered in patina.
The mix of old and new makes it more interesting.

Really- to say it as simply as possible-
creating collected charm in your home is as easy as bringing  what you love into your home 
both old and new pieces
and putting them together to create an inviting and charming space
that tells a story.

gosh- can you believe it is episode number 7 with Wayfair at Youtube this week?
 I am sitting in a brand new 'old style' chair talking all about 
vintage and new and putting them together.

I would love if you would take a peek at my video HERE
and of course-thumbs up are always welcome if you feel so inclined.

What about you? 
How do you feel about mixing old and new 
to bring your unique personality to a room?

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  1. You are so right. One thing, though: older furniture is really so well made. It can be worth it to buy that old sofa and have it recovered, with fresher, softer cushions added while you're at it. The difference in quality is amazing and makes up for the cost of refreshing (because you usually can buy vintage so much cheaper than new).

  2. Great video, love the photos I like mixing old and new pieces in a room, it gives a interesting feel, in a good way.����

  3. Courtney,
    Always love your style mixing vintage with new...I just need to find a vintage hutch (as beautiful as yours pictured) to display my favorite collected pieces. =)

  4. Bonjour chère amie,

    Pardonnez-moi mais je n'ai pas pu vous comprendre dans votre vidéo... Vous parlez trop vite pour moi !! sourire !
    Je trouve qu'il est important pour moi que chaque chose, chaque meuble ait sa propre histoire. Je donne parfois un prénom à un arbre planté, à une pièce dénichée dans une brocante... si bien que j'ai l'impression que la famille s'agrandit à chaque fois !
    Le mariage de toutes nos trouvailles apporte une belle harmonie et une âme dans ma maison...

    Merci pour ces jolies photos. Vos miroirs Louis Philippe sont superbes.

    Gros bisous 🌺

  5. I have been enjoying your absolutely beautiful blog since I discovered it a few months ago. Looking at your lovely photos and decor feels like meditation to me. It was nice to see you discuss this topic in the video and I hope we get many more in the future. Thank you for providing regular grace notes to my week!

  6. Very well put - you said it so well and such perfect examples.

    My difficulty is that some of the "new" items I brought into my home when first married are becoming the "vintage" items:) It is funny to see items I remember from my childhood or grandmother's house in an antique / vintage store.

  7. I have friends who moved into a house at the start of their relationship and went to a department store at sale time, buying up the whole 'set piece' of sofa and chairs, rugs, pictures, ornaments, mirrors, throws, cushions... they had no history together and as this was a new relationship after each had a marriage breakdown, they had no pieces from their previous lives either. How sad and soul-less that house was until they began to add pieces from their new lives together.