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A New Years Eve Tale

What if I told you about a vintage something
and it was all kinds of amazing and it talked to me?

French Country Cottage Fireplace Mantel with peonies and old books

Well, that wouldn't be surprising would it? 
You know me- I go weak in the knees for vintage.
Especially all kinds of amazing vintage...

Let's just say it was amazing enough
that instead of planning on stopping next time
after an important meeting in the area this week to pick it up-
I told my husband about it and he said
'Let's just go now'

And I was like- Now? As in today?
(Was this MY husband talking?)

Of course we hopped in the car and got merrily on our way for about 30 minutes
and then got stuck in traffic.
And remembered it was a holiday and so...
 yeah. bad idea traffic wise.
We crawled at a snails pace for 2 hours when it should have been
 just over an hour to get there.

French Country Cottage Antique Mirror with Peonies

And I was looking at my husband who was getting cranky and thinking
THIS piece better be AMAZING in person...
 like knock my socks off, get in my car amazing...
 because,  I am going to have to buy it even if I hate it
to justify this trip and save my marriage.

The good news?

It was amazing. 

Love at first sight. Drop dead gorgeous. 
A knock your socks off
Could not put it in the truck fast enough
amazing fireplace mantel.

The bad news?
That traffic? got worse. A lot worse. 
 As in bumper to bumper and a ton of delays and a pace around
5 mph on the highway all the way home.

So.... we debated (argued)
about which road to take to get home
and then
we took a back road.

It said an extra 30 miles.
And an extra hour time wise.
Not bad when you consider the traffic on the highway...

French Country Cottage Fireplace Mantel with Peonies and gold mirror

But that extra hour - well it turned into 4 hours. 
one way. in. the. car.

As we drove we enjoyed the scenery and argued a bit about which road was faster.
(I was team highway- he was team country road-
 and for the record- pretty sure I would have won that one. Just saying.)
And when the sun set 
we started getting a little worried about being on the roads on NYE
and we had another hour and a half to go
on a slow 2 lane road that went through towns with a population of 78..

As in- seventy eight total.

And behind an old 1950's truck on the country road ahead of us
we talked about that glorious antique fireplace mantel piece in the back of the truck
and sparked some ideas for home projects and for blog projects
and projects on the side. 
Well, all in between claiming victory in the 'Who is right' contest of course.
Which.... I mean, come one...
we all know who was right in that one, am I right?

French Country Cottage Fireplace Mantel with peonies and pinecones

I can hardly wait to show you more of this mantel once I style it.
And clean it. And move it into the right spot.
 I can tell you it is covered in oodles and oodles of chippy goodness
and details
old spidered paint
and layers of muted soft colors.
A vintage mantel like this is something that I have been searching for at every tag sale
 for awhile now for a special project.
But until last week, I hadn't found the right one. 
And now?

This is at my house and waiting to be played with.

And that my friends 
is what we were doing on New Years Eve.

(and yes, I know there is what appears to be a Christmas tree in these photos along with it... 
a couple of them are up yet for a project.)

Also, I wanted to just drop a note that Google is discontinuing GFC for all other sign ups
other than Gmail in the coming weeks.
Basically if you signed up to follow with Twitter, FB or any other way through them
you won't be following any longer.
I have left GFC up on my blog for those of you who would like to follow that way
though it is older - I know many of you like to follow there
but I encourage you to sign up through another service such as my email feed
or Bloglovin.

Hope your Monday is off to a great start!

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  1. Now that's a drive on NYE! Looking forward to see how you use your creativity on the beautiful fireplace. Kathleen in Az

  2. So worth it! It'll be even more amazing when you're finished with it.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  3. I would be in the car for days to find this piece! I love the tassel detail. It's simply amazing! Enjoy every inch...(I pinned it of course on my board Mantles....Happy New Year indeed...

  4. GORGEOUS mantle! Well worth the effort. Reminds me of when the hubby and I drove home from Spruce Pine, North Carolina, to Nashville, TN, with our knees in our chests because I had found a little china cabinet in an antique store that I fell in love with. The only way to get in home was in the back seat of our '89 Buick! As the hubby said, 'Never tell a freight man there ain't (sic) room'.

    I can't wait to see how you style this beautiful piece. Just think of what a great story you have as well as the mantel!

  5. There will be other NYEs, but only once you'll find such a beautiful mantel.