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Random Five

Happy autumn weekend.

The air is getting a little crisp in the evenings but
 the days are warming up into the mid 90's over here.
It is definitely wonderful weather for enjoying being outdoors
and cozying up by the fire in the evenings.

This weekend, it is all work and little play. 
I have a lot of upcoming projects on the agenda that need to get wrapped before the busy Christmas season is upon us. And that is not far off folks.

Though, truth be told, I am feeling a little like sleeping in a bit - 
and might have indulged that yesterday. 
Today, up with the sun- and that grand dog who likes to get up and start the party at about 5 am-
and then there is this one who could sleep in for hours all cozy in a blanket.

Knit blankets, wild hair and cozy naps

She is ready for sweater weather even with all that fur.

Autumn Bicycle

Yes, I have been known to take my bike with me to the beach and to the wine country for a few photos for an upcoming project- but I also load it up with pumpkins just because. And I think riding with this crate filled with chunky pumpkins might give me a heck of a workout. 

Speaking of bicycles...

I will be loading that bike up soon for 2 different destinations... and so, I ordered new baskets for it. You might remember that the front basket I had broke when we were in the wine country recently - which did not make for an ideal scene. But after searching high and low for the right kind of basket - I ordered 2 styles and fingers crossed- they should work. Stay tuned to see what I ordered and where to find them. 

Blush & Brass

Recently, I shared a sneak peek of a styling I worked on that involved blush and brass

and I am not ashamed to admit that I am obsessed. And I might have bagged vintage brass candlesticks several times over the past couple months that inspired it. And those wee melted wonky faded vintage candles? Yep, they came home with me as well and are excited to have a spotlight in their face.
More coming your way this week.

Autumn Vignettes
Earlier this week, I shared a peek at the front door wearing a little magnolia... 

and then a pop of bittersweet berry.

To be honest, I am not sure which I am loving more- or which one might be staying. Do you have any thoughts? 

This week, my favorite blog posts involved sprinklings of autumn.
Like this one all about a tour of a charming gatehouse 
and this one that involves a style that speaks my name (and she is one of the sweetest friends) 
and last but not least, I have decided I may need to paint my front door. Bold blue... or faded blue... I can't decide- but I am in love with both of these looks. 

That is it for todays random post- coming your way~
that romantic brass and blush mantel styling
the easiest recipe for pumpkin butter
the DIY on that fresh flower wreath
5 simple ways to use wheat for autumn
a reflective post that is a little bit personal
and much more.

Happy weekend everyone.

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  1. It all looks beautiful, but the bittersweet wreath against the black and white stopped me in my tracks! To me, the magnolia wreath and garland look a little more like Christmas. Thanks for the gorgeous inspiration!

  2. Your wee little one blends in with the cozy blankets:). The Autumnal goodness looks gorgeous in your home.
    Kathleen in Az

  3. love your autumn bicycle.

  4. So hard to say about the two looks of your porch..I love them both!!...they are so beautiful!

  5. Every time I see your pretty pastel green bike, I want to paint mine.

  6. Definately bittersweet berry! Love the pop!!!

  7. Love both looks and I want your bike. So lovely! xx