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Random weekend

Happy weekend.

I hope your weekend has been going well.
I am knee deep in tree flocking, cedar clippings and with a whole lot of Merry sprinkles  Of course,  I am not done decorating yet. 
And I have a confession...

I am actually feeling a bit behind.  
My fresh garland and wreaths have not arrived yet and some house projects waiting to be finished have taken precedence.
I am also working on autumn for next year along with a photo shoot for spring outdoors. 
I am more seasonally confused that usual. 
But... another confession? 
I love it.
And I am playing with tables. And those pretty peonies. And clipping fresh greens from our property. And doing a little bit of side work to gear up for a crazy busy week.

And since it is all random all the time over here on the weekends... here is a bit of the week in review 
and the goings on...

Grand dog shenanigans
I swear the time change has not affected him- he now just gets up even earlier.
I talked a bit about my grand dog and Sweet Pea earlier this week,  
and again early this morning, Sebastian (aka. Mr. Weenie) was up making noise in the living room.
And so I got up and checked on him and then
 went back to bed and told him to do the same.
And he bolted down the hall to my daughters room where he sleeps 
(when he sleeps at night which isn't as often as during the day)
and instead of climbing back into bed, 
 he got out his squeaky toy.
And proceeded to beat it up incessantly.

You can imagine the sound of a squeaky toy going nuts in the middle of the quiet of the night.
It is going to a whole new level of crazy over here.
(and yes, that face gets him out of trouble.every.time.)

A Little Bit Merry

One spot that did get all sprinkled and wrapped and photographed already-
 the guest room. 
And I have to say, it might be one of my favorite looks- and it involves something my husband built in about 5 minutes as a last minute request.

The room- and that project are coming your way soon.

Cheesecake. Cheesecake. Cheesecake.

I have such a weakness for cheesecake.
 I love it. My hips on the other hand? 
They love it a bit too much so... I try not to indulge too often.

But this week- I am sharing a simple, easy recipe for an oreo cheesecake that involves a unique way to bake it. And I might be hooked. 
And yes, I did sample it just to make sure it was delicious. 
A couple of times.


I mentioned on Instagram that I found peonies and that I brought a few home to make sure that I had enough for several tables I am working on this week. 
 If you live near a Whole Foods- pop in and see if your store has them.
 Because, any day with peonies is a good day.

Working on...

A different kind of a Thanksgiving table... 
one that involves bright colorful autumn hues.

And a table that involves a bit of romantic drama
that I am obsessed with.

And this week, it is all about Christmas, delicious and adventure.

Coming your way:

A peek at the living room, 
that cheesecake recipe
a favorite tree- with my most favorite ornaments. Ever.
a fun event in the city
 More about a side project I have been working on...
And next weekend...
I will be traveling early in the morning to a special event that involves

And all I am going to say is that the last time I shot several videos with a team...
there was a lot of laughing... 
and they also have a lot of bloopers for their Christmas party video.
So let's hope I can get it together and not snort, giggle too much or say something weird 
and fingers crossed my wild ankle does not give out when I am walking on stage.


And... a quick note about weekend sales:
They are going on- even some pre-Black Fridays out there
and they are amazing.  I will be sharing several sale and gift guides coming up
and on Friday, I shared links to some of the most asked about table top items
Find links to those

Happy random weekend everyone

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  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    J'ai pris beaucoup de plaisir à vous lire et à admirer vos si belles photos.
    J'ai souri également lorsque vous nous racontez les petites anecdotes concernant votre adorable petit toutou !
    J'adore sa petite bouille sur la photo. Il est craquant ! Comment le gronder ?!!... Je fondrais !

    Je suis aussi très admirative de votre énergie ! j'aime ça !

    Gros bisous à vous et des caresses au coquinou !

  2. Your peonies are simply gorgeous! I can't wait to see your decorations and your little mischief maker is adorable! What does your other adorable grand baby do when Mr. Weiner is squeaking up a storm?? Have a wonderful day!

  3. I am wondering about these chargers above... are they wooden, have you had a link to them before? I am in need of a white charger and like how those seem to be a distressed style. thanks. Beautiful site, have many pins :)