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One of my favorite flea market treasures

One of my absolute favorite second hand treasures might be one with gold and details and lots of lovely amounts of charm and charisma.

Yes,  indeed.  I do think an antique piece can have charisma. 

I swear- sometimes at a flea market or a thrift store- you spot something fabulous just sitting quietly over in the corner. Your eyes meet. And your heart beats a bit faster. And I would venture to say that sometimes... they even wink at you.
Okay- that might be a stretch but we all know that feeling when you find a dream piece for sale.
You cannot load it up fast enough.

And this particular mirror is one of those dream pieces.
But would you believe I saw this for sale for weeks before I moved on it?
It is true.
You see it all came down to cha-ching. I am a bargain hunting kind of girl. I want that fabulousness all through the house.  Those high end pieces that dazzle me and that create a charming space and tell a story. And I want them on a Target special kind of budget.

And this mirror- well it was priced chunky enough that I paused at first.
 And thought.
 And searched again and saw it sitting there for sale and then it would be gone.
And then it would pop up again. And after a few weeks- the price dropped.

I went to see it. Loved the lady who was selling it and we chatted and chatted and laughed and she sold it to me for an even better price than she was asking. So, we loaded that puppy up and brought it home.
I get questions about it all.the.time. on Instagram and pretty much every time I share the living room.

Here are the details that I know-

It is from around 1880. Based on the paperwork she had after purchasing at an antique store. Original price she paid years ago- was around $4500 if I remember correctly- so it was not an inexpensive piece by far.  I did not pay that much- she sold it for under a quarter of that original price.

It is a pier mirror- we have is leaning against the wall in the living room. It has very detailed carvings and gesso details on the top.
It is huge. It stands about 8' tall and about 3 1/2' wide.

It has mottled glass that shows the age- and I love it love it love it.  I have a thing for old mottled mirrors.

It is one of those pieces that makes a statement without overwhelming. It is a statement in a room just by the sheer size and details- but it doesn't overwhelm the rest of the space.

I love to walk into the living room and see it reflecting sunshine and pretty details and it is definitely one of my favorite antiques and craigslist scores.

A bit of busy here today with a photoshoot for autumn and then tackling a paint project and reupholstery project. Excited to share a few new looks with you soon.

Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. We have a huge , heavy, wooden framed mirror mounted on the bathroom wall, by screwing up a length of wood to hold it first. Then we added two or three hooks instead of the one. It was a juggling act to get it straight, definitely a two person job! It doubled the size of the bathroom visually.

  2. You REALLY did find a treasure. I kept it on my PC screen several minutes...gosh. Now don't forget to get it listed on your insurance coverage w/picture. ENJOY !!!

  3. It’s magnificent! I always marvel at it whenever you post it. It’s actually very “you”. Authentic. Fabulous. But not over the top. :-)

  4. Absolutely Fabulous..Love it..I had a very large mirror on my wall but it fell and shattered as I large mirrors :)

  5. The mirror is incredible. Quite a find! Love it
    R. Herget

  6. I so HEART that mirror. It is truly magnificent. I saw one similar in a French antique shop for thousands!!! You certainly scored on that beautiful mirror! You were meant to have it in your home.

  7. The reflection from the beautiful mirror is stunning! Especially with the Christmas tree. You were meant to have it:). Kathleen in Az

  8. I have wondered about that mirror, and sighed over that mirro, and rejoiced that it is in your home even though it's not in mine, because when you admire something so much you get excited when you see beauty in someone's home; and that Courtney, is definitely worth admiring!xo Dee

  9. Such a gorgeous mirror! I can see why it would be one of your favorite pieces.