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Velvet pumpkin vignette

Velvety delightful pumpkins... 
so simple and sweet

And so perfect for mixing and mingling with baby boos, dried flowers and pretty grasses 
for autumn stylings
I am a big natural decor kind of girl when it comes to autumn...
but sometimes a little bit of glam is exactly perfect for adding that certain something.
This statue stands proudly on the sideboard in the dining area
You might remember seeing it in my book
where I shared it wearing a crown quite similar to this one.

So easy to make and it adds such a charming softness to a heavy concrete piece.

And while I played with refreshing some of the dried flowers( more coming soon) 
those pumpkins arrived and it seemed like a perfect spot to place them tucked into the greenery 
and bits of dried blooms for a simple vignette.

I chose neutral tones- and a pop of aubergine.
I have been so drawn to those dusty blush and purples this season- 
and this wee pumpkin was talking to me.

Accented with a few pretty jewels- it absolutely sparkles.

And every autumn vignette deserves a bit of sparkle don't you think?
Twinkle lights, a bonfire or a jeweled pumpkin.

Or maybe one topped with feathers is your perfect one.

Or what about that weeeee tiny little one with the twirly stem? 
I am obsessed with it. 
So cute.

Truth be told- these pumpkins didn't stay here. 
After I photographed them-  my dining room did a big shuffle for a photography project
and those sweet velvet pumpkins with pretty embellishments and real pumpkin stems
shuffled right on into a different vignette. 
More coming on where they landed soon- 
and if you want some of your own velvet pumpkins-

And something fun:

They are giving away a  $200.00 gift card to LoveFeast Shop. 

And so excited to be joining these amazing bloggers sharing their own velvet pumpkins vignettes
this week- thanks so much to Yvonne from Stone Gable for asking me to join you and for hosting.
Click on through- you won't want to miss any!

Happy Tuesday everyone


  1. Live, absolutely love these velvet pumpkins!!

  2. So lovely... and that tiny one is adorable!!!

  3. I love tiny boo pumpkins:). The colors you choose for the velvet pumpkins are perfect for the vignette, soft, with a bit of color. Kathleen in Az

  4. Love Love the Pumpkins they are beautiful!! Love how they have the real stems!!

  5. I agree the tiny velvet pumpkins with crystals are gorgeous, love the vignette you’ve created with your dried blooms and little concrete guy.

  6. Morning, I just love those tiny velvet pumpkins, they would go just about anywhere to add a little sparkle! Signed up for giveaway too! Have a great Wednesday! Jody

  7. I just bought some velvet pumpkins! Can't wait to decorate with them! Thank you for sharing. I have loved your blog for a long time!

  8. The feathered pumpkins are fabulous. I like how the soft colors of the velvet paired the concrete statue creates a dreamy look. It is beautiful. What a wonderful unique way to usher in fall.

  9. This vignette is so gorgeous, Courtney! I love the crown the statue is wearing too. So pretty my friend.
    Hugs, Jamie

  10. Beautiful Fall vignette...a little sparkle is just the right touch. Looking forward to your next post to see where they landed.